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Triangle Rewards
Calculate how much Canadian Tire Money you can earn with promotional multipliers and how much you can earn with the Triangle Mastercard.
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Triangle Rewards is a rewards program offered by Canadian Tire which is a Canadian retail company based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It's a free rewards program that allows you to collect Canadian Tire Money, also known as CT Money, when making purchases at Canadian Tire stores in Canada. CT Money earned in the Triangle Rewards program can be used at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, and participating Mark's/L'Equipeur and Atmosphere stores.

Canadian Tire Money calculator

Use the Canadian Money Calculator to calculate how much CT Money you can earn based on spend per dollar, promotional multipliers, and the Triangle Mastercard. Remember that you will only earn on the pre-tax amount so be sure not to include the total cost.

Canadian Tire Spend
Enter your total pre-tax spend at Canadian Tire. You will not earn rewards on taxes/fees.
Canadian Tire frequently offers promotional multipliers which can earn you additional CT Money. These multipliers are usually in multiples of 5. You can enter the proper multiplier (up to 100) or set it to '0' if it does not apply.
Triangle Mastercard
When paying with any Triangle Mastercard, you'll earn 4% back on the pre-tax amount. Do you plan on using a Triangle Mastercard to pay for your purchase?
Rewards Earned
The number below represents the rewards you'll earn based on the criteria entered above
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Cash Back
Final Price: $
Earn A $30 Cash Bonus
You can earn bonus cash back PLUS a $30 cash bonus on top of your CT money earnings when you sign up for a free Rakuten Rewards account and start your online Canadian Tire shopping session through their portal.
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Cash Back with Rakuten Rewards Bonus

How is CT Money calculated?

When shopping at Canadian Tire and partners, you'll earn at a base of 0.4% per $1 spent. This means that every $250 you spend, you'll earn $1 back in Canadian Tire Money.

You can earn additional CT Money through promotional multipliers and using a Triangle Mastercard.

Promotional multipliers

During Canadian Tire's promotional multipliers, you'll earn significantly more CT Money. The table below lists out how much you will earn per $1 spent using common promotional multipliers.

Promotional multiplier CT Money earned per $1 spent
None 0.4%
5X 2%
10X 4%
15X 6%
20X 8%
25X 10%
30X 12%
40X 16%
50X 20%

Example: If you were to spend $250 pre-tax at a Canadian Tire store with a 30X multiplier, you would earn 12% back per dollar spent for a total of $30 in CT Money.

Triangle Mastercard

You can earn an additional 4% back in CT Money on top of the CT Money you would normally earn when using a Triangle Mastercard to make purchases at Canadian Tire and their partners.

Example: If you were to spend $250 pre-tax at a Canadian Tire store with a 30X multiplier using a Triangle Mastercard, you would earn $40 in CT Money.

Triangle Mastercard calculators

Input your monthly and yearly spend into the Triangle Mastercard calculators to find out how much you can earn. Compare the results side by side credit cards from any issuer and see which cards earn you the most rewards.

The Triangle Mastercard earns up to 4% back in CT Money on your purchases and has no income requirements you have to meet in order to apply/qualify for the card. While it is an excellent card for earning CT Money, it features no benefits.

The Triangleā„¢ World Elite MastercardĀ® has no annual fee but it requires an annual minimum income requirement of $80,000 personal or $150,000 household. It earns CT Money at the exact same rate as the Triangle Mastercard when spending with Canadian Tire and their partners, but you will earn additional CT Money spending everywhere else.


How much Canadian Tire Money do you earn per dollar?

Triangle Rewards members earn 0.4% back in Canadian Tire Money per dollar spent pre-tax. So every $250 spent will earn $1 in Canadian Tire Money.

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