Carnival FunPoints Value

Carnival FunPoints are worth between 0.75 and 1.5 cents on based redemption. Calculate the cash value and get the list of best redemption options.
Updated 2020-07-11 By Robert Flowers III

There's no shortage of options when it comes to redeeming your Carnival FunPoints earned with the Carnival Mastercard. They can be used for cruises, on-board purchases, spa credits, gift cards, and even flights. Depending on how you redeem your FunPoints, they will give you around an average value of 0.75 cents to 1.5 cents per point.

Carnival FunPoints Value Calculator

Use the Carnival FunPoints Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of FunPoints based on the redemption options listed. You can enter any amount of FunPoints in the field below.

Carnival FunPoints Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
$1,500 Carnival Redemptions
1.5 Cents Per FunPoint
$50 to $1,499.99 Carnival Redemptions
1.0 Cents Per FunPoint
Other World's Leading Cruise Line Redemptions
1.0 Cents Per FunPoint
Airline and Hotel Redemptions
0.9 Cents Per FunPoint
Gift Cards, Certificates
0.75 Cents Per FunPoint
On-board Gifts

Cruise Line Redemptions

You can get the best value out of your FunPoints by redeeming them for cruises on Carnival. You'll get either 1 cent or 1.5 cents per point based on the cost of your Carnival cruise. The more expensive cruises will give you the best value!

Carnival FunPoints Value
Carnival Cruise Cost Point Value
$50 - $1,499 1 Cent Per FunPoint
$1,500+ 1.5 Cents Per FunPoint

Due to the big difference in value, you'll want to be extra careful when redeeming your fun points. A Carnival cruise that costs between $1,000 and $1,499 would cost you between 100,000 and 149,999 FunPoints at the value of 1 cent each. A carnival cruise that costs $1,500+ would cost you 100,000+ FunPoints at the value of 1.5 cents each.

So if you plan on using your FunPoints towards a Carnival Cruise that costs between $1,000 and $1,500, I recommend you upgrade your room to get as close to $1,500 as possible. Why book a $1,000 Carnival Cruise for 100,000 FunPoints when you book a $1,500 Carnival Cruise for the same 100,000 FunPoints?

World's Leading Cruise Lines

In addition to being able to redeem Carnival FunPoints for Carnival Cruises, you can also redeem your points on the other nine cruise lines that are part of World's Leading Cruise Lines. This includes:

Redeeming your FunPoints on these nine cruise lines will always give you a value of 1 cents per FunPoint no matter how much the cruise costs. This can be useful if you're trying to shave off the cost of your cruise ticket on a partner cruise line.

Do note that both Princess and Holland also have their own co-branded cruise line credit cards.

Airline & Hotel Redemptions

Carnival Funpoints can be redeemed for airline and hotel redemptions. This will give your Funpoints a value of 0.9 cents per point which isn't the best option when it comes to redeeming your points. You would earn more value applying your FunPoints to your cruise and paying out of pocket for your hotel and airline costs. You could also pick up a co-branded airline or co-branded hotel rewards card, earn the sign up bonus, and enjoy a free flight or hotel night. If you don't want to be stuck to a specific airline or hotel program, you can also consider bank rewards programs or earn points with Online Travel Agencies like Expedia and

Gift Cards & Certificates

Carnival FunPoints can be redeemed for Gift Cards and Certificates. These options will bring the value of your Funpoints down to 0.75 cents each. If you're looking to earn gift cards from reward programs, FunPoints are not going to get you the best value. You would be better off with a cash back credit card since cash back earned can be redeemed at an even ratio of 1 cent for 1 cent.

Other FunPoint Redemptions

Funpoints can also be used for onboard amenities, merchandise, and travel redemptions through the Barclays website. The value of these redemptions will vary. If you have the price in cash and price in FunPoints, you can use the Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator to calculate how much value you're getting out of using your rewards for those redemptions. Some examples of redemptions include:

  • Champaign + Chocolate - 6,100 FunPoints (~0.7 Cents)
  • $100 Onboard Credit - 12,500 FunPoints (0.8 Cents)
  • $200 Spa Credit - 20,000 FunPoints (1 Cent)

Are FunPoints The Best Value?

Carnival FunPoints provides an easy way to earn and redeem points with Carnival. Is it the best option for those who enjoy Carnival? It's a solid option for those who spend a lot with carnival and consistently redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards booking $1,500+ cruises on Carnival. If not, then there are better cards that can earn you a better return across your spend. For example, you can pick up a simple 2% cash back credit card like the Citi Double Cash or PayPal Cashback Mastercard and easily earn a 2% return across all purchases. You can also pick up credit cards that are great for travel purchases such as the Wells Fargo Propel Card or American Express Green Card.

carnival mastercard spend
Earning cash back will get you the same value for all redemptions, whereas the value of FunPoints varies.

Another great thing about using American Express credit cards is that they usually feature big savings on World's Leading Cruise Lines through their AMEX Offers. This is usually $100 off (or 10,000 Membership Rewards Points) a $500 or more purchase with Carnival, Holland America, Princess, Seabourn, or Cunard. I've seen these promotions just about every year. The American Express Membership Rewards Points Calculator can help you find the best AMEX rewards card and help you can calculate how much you can earn. You'll also earn points transferable to airline miles and hotel rewards points as well!

Save $100 off cruise lines with AMEX credit cards.

Does all of this mean don't pick up the Carnival Mastercard? Of course not. The Carnival Mastercard still offers a solid return on purchases made on-board Carnival Cruises, it offers a 10% rebate on excursions, and it has no annual fee. If you're 100% into Carnival, picking up the card would do no harm.


How much are Carnival FunPoints worth?

FunPoints are worth between 0.75 cents and 1.5 cents each based on the redemption. Redeeming towards cruises that cost $1,500 or more will give you the best value.

How much is 10,000 FunPoints worth?

10,000 FunPoints are worth $150 when applied to cruises that cost $1,500 or more. All other cruise line redemptions will give you a value of $100.

What can you use Carnival FunPoints on?

Carnival FunPoints can be used toward cruise line tickets on Carnival, cruise lines that are part of World's Leading Cruise Lines, airline tickets, hotel redemptions, gift cards & certificates, and on-board gifts.

Are Carnival FunPoints worth earning?

Carnival FunPoints can provide you with great value depending on how you earn and use them. If you're earning Carnival FunPoints spending with Carnival and you're redeeming those earned points towards a $1,500+ cruise, you'll earn a high return which can make earning FunPoints worth it.

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