Best Western Points Value Calculator: What Are They Worth?

Rewards Value Calculator
Best Western Points are worth 0.5 cents each on average when used for free nights. This means that 1,000 points is roughly equal to $5 in cash value.
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The best value of Best Western Points will come from redeeming them for free nights at Best Western brand hotels. The Point Calculator calculate Best Western points to be worth 0.5 cents in value per point meaning that 1,000 points is equal to about $5.

How much are Best Western points worth

The Point Calculator values Best Western Points at 0.5 cents each on average meaning that 1,000 Best Western Points is roughly equal to $5 in value. This is the easiest value you can obtain with little to no research before booking your award stays at Best Western brand hotels.

Best Western points value

Redemption options Redemption value in cents
Award Nights 0.5
Best Western travel rewards 0.5
Charitable donation awards 0.4
Amazon and BW gift cards 0.31

Redeem points for free nights

The best value you can obtain from Best Western Points will come from redeeming them for free nights at Best Western brand hotels. This should easily give you an average value of around 0.5 cents each without too much effort.

As with most hotel programs, the ability to get a lower or higher value is always present. It's not hard to get significantly more value than 0.5 cents, but it will usually take a little bit of back and forth action along with some minor comparing of prices.

As an example, I searched for award availability in Phoenix, Arizona and ran the calculations for the first 10 hotels.

North Phoenix Hotel gave the lowest value of 0.47 cents per point while Downtown Phoenix and Aiden Scottsdale North both offered the best value of 0.58 cents per point.

The average of all 10 hotels came out to be 0.52 cents per point which is on par with the value we average Best Western Points at.

best western phoenix arizona cost in cash
Cost in cash.
best western phoenix arizona cost in cash
Cost in BW Points.

Since Best Western does not have an award chart, you will not know how much your points are worth until you start booking your stays. If you want to get the best value out of your points, you'll need to compare the costs in cash and cost in points for each place you're willing to stay at.

Transferring points to airline partners

Best Western Points can be transferred to over 10 airline partners, mostly at a 5:1 ratio. This means that every 5,000 Best Western Points you transfer will earn you 1,000 airline miles.

This isn't the best use of Best Western Points, but it can be useful if you need to top off one of your frequent flyer accounts and don't mind sparing a few points.

List of Best Western transfer partners


Other ways to redeem Best Western points

Outside of free nights and point transfers to partners, Best Western Points can be used for gift cards, global free room night vouchers, and Best Western Travel rewards.

Best Western Points can be donated to several charities through the Best Western Redemption Mall. Each 500-point block of Best Western Points redeemed will be worth a $2 donate to the selected charity which will give your points a value of 0.4 cents each.

This is around the average value you'll get for most Best Western Redemptions outside of using them for free nights.

Gift cards

Best Western Points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and Best Western Mastercards which will give your points a value of 0.31 cents each. Redemptions start at 16,000 points for a $50 gift card or Mastercard.

The Mastercard is basically a prepaid card that can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Best Western Redemptions - Amazon/Mastercard
Denomination Points Needed
$50 16,000 Points
$100 32,000 Points
$200 64,000 Points

Global Free Room Nights Voucher

Best Western Rewards Points can be redeemed for Global Free Room Night Vouchers at a 1:1 ratio. This voucher allows you to enjoy a free room night at any Best Western hotel in Asia, Australia, Europe, Central America, North America and South America.

You can redeem your points for this voucher in 12 different increments ranging from 5,000- to 70,000-point vouchers. When using this vouchers, you'll want to call the hotel in advance to ensure availability. Advance hotel reservations are required to use Global Free Room Night Vouchers.

best western global free nights voucher
Turn your points into free night vouchers and use them globally for free nights at Best Western hotels.

Best Western Travel Card

Best Western Rewards Points can be turned into Best Western Travel Cards. Travel Cards are usable at Best Western locations worldwide for any eligible service managed or operated by a Best Western hotel.

You'll get a Best Western Points value of 0.41 to 0.45 cents each depending on the redemption. Best Western offers both virtual and physical travel cards in U.S. and Canada versions.

If you go this route, the gift cards marked with "(Elite Offer)" will give you the best value for your points.

best western travel card
Be sure to keep your eye for Elite Offers as they will give you more bang for your point.

Convert Best Western points to dollars

Use the Best Western Points Value Calculator to determine the dollar value of your points when redeemed for hotels, gift cards, and more. This will give you an idea of how much your points are worth on average.

Enter any amount of Best Western Points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Award nights $0
Best Western travel awards $0
Charitable donation awards $0
Amazon and BW gift cards $0


How many points do you need for a free room at Best Western?

You can use your points to redeem a room at Best Western for as low as 8,000 points per night.

How do you earn Best Western Reward points?

Best Western Reward Points can be earned from staying at Best Western hotels, using Best Western credit cards, and spending with their partners.

What the best value I can get out of my Best Western points?

The average value hovers around 0.5 cents, but it's possible to get as high as one cent per point with some redemptions.

Can you use Best Western Points to book car rentals?

No. Best Western Points can not be used to book car rentals.

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