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Conversion Calculator: Best Western Rewards Transfer Partners

Best Western Points can be transferred to 10 travel partners. This is mostly at a 5:1 ratio meaning that 5,000 points can be converted to 1,000 airline miles.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-05-18
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Best Western airline partners

Best Western points can be transferred to the following partner programs:


How to transfer Best Western points

  1. Go to the Best Western website.
  2. Click Log-In and log into your Best Western Account.
  3. Once logged in, click on My Account and go to Redeem Points.
  4. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on Airline Rewards.
  5. Find the airline you want to transfer points to, select a quantity, and hit Add To Cart.
  6. Once done, click on Checkout.
  7. Review the order summary and hit Submit.

How fast your points post will depend on the program. If you're looking for an immediate transfer, Best Western may not be the best option.

Calculator: Convert Best Western points to miles

Use our Best Western point transfer calculator to determine how many airline miles you will earn when transferring Best Western points to partners.

Best Western Point Transfer Calculator

Enter any amount of Best Western points to calculate the transfer to airline partners.
Best Western Rewards Points
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Can you transfer Best Western points?

Yes. You can transfer Best Western Points to 10 travel partners.

How many airline miles can you earn transferring Best Western Points?

Most of Best Western's transfer partners are 5:1 meaning you will get 1 airline mile for every 5 Best Western Points transferred.

How many Best Western Points can you transfer at a time?

You can transfer Best Western Points in 5,000-point blocks which will give you 1,000 airline miles with most partners.

Can you earn airline miles on every stay at Best Western?

Yes. You can set your earning preference to airline miles instead of Best Western Points. This will earn you 2 airline miles per $1 spent automatically when staying at Best Western hotels.

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