How To Calculate Best Western Points

Get the details on how to calculate Best Western Rewards Points on stays. Estimate how many points you can earn on your next stay.

Best Western offers members the ability to earn anywhere between 10 to 25 Best Western Points per $1 spent at Best Western brand hotels. This is obtainable through paid stays, Best Western elite status, and Best Western credit cards. This page will break down how Best Western Points are calculated and allow you to estimate how many points you can earn based on your own spend.

Getting Started & Things To Note

Best Western Rewards Points are primarily earned booking paid hotel stays at Best Western brand hotels. Points earned can be redeemed for free nights, entertainment awards, car rentals, gift cards, and more. Before I high dive into how points are calculated, lets go over signing up for an account, booking direct, and the brands that will earn points staying at.

Sign Up For A Best Western Account

In order to earn Best Western Rewards Points, you will need a Best Western Rewards account. As with most loyalty programs, signing up is easy.

  1. Head to
  2. Click Best Western Rewards at the top of the page.
  3. You will see the option to Join For Free in the center of the page.
  4. Enter your personal information which includes name, email, and address.
  5. Click Join.

Once you've created your account, be sure to keep track of the email address you used for the account as well as your membership number. You will need these when signing in and booking stays at Best Western hotels.

Book Direct With Best Western

In order to earn Best Western Rewards Points, you will need to book your hotel stays directly though Best Western. This means booking through the Best Western website or over the phone. Bookings through third party sites and online travel agencies (OTAs) will generally not earn you points. This includes sites like Expedia, Orbitz, and If you have elite status with Best Western, your benefits will usually not be honored when booking through a third party.

Best Western Brand Hotels

You will earn Best Western Rewards Points when you book paid stays at Best Western brand hotels. Best Western has 13 brands:

  • Best Western
  • Best Western Plus
  • Best Western Premier
  • Vīb
  • GLō
  • Executive Residency by Best Western
  • BW Signature Collection
  • BW Premier Collection
  • Sadie
  • Aiden by Best Western
  • SureStay
  • SureStay Plus
  • SureStay Collection

All of these brands are bookable through the main

How To Calculate Best Western Points

Best Western Rewards members will earn points on all paid stays at Best Western brand hotels. Points earned consists of base points, elite points, and points earned using Best Western credit cards.

Best Western Base Points

Best Western members earn 10 points per $1 spent on the base price of the hotel. This will be the cost before taxes and fees are added.

Earn points on the base rate.

So if you stay at a Best Western hotel and the cost is $225 before taxes, you would earn a total of 2,250 points for the stay. This is calculate by multiplying the base hotel cost by the base earning rate of 10 points per $1 spent ($225 x 10). Below are a few more examples of earning points on the base rate:

How To Calculate Base Points
Best Western
Cost Per Night Nights Stayed Points Earned
$100 3 Nights
= ($100 * 10) * 3
3,000 Points
$192 5 Nights
= ($192 * 10) * 5
9,600 Points
$250 7 Nights
= ($250 * 10) * 7
17,500 Points

As per the usual with most hotels, you will only earn points on paid stays. Nights booked with Best Western Rewards Points will not earn you points.

Best Western Elite Points

Best Western has five tiers in their rewards programs. Earning elite status with their program is based on the number of nights, stays, or base points you earn in a calendar year. Best Western elite status comes with many benefits, but for this we will be looking specifically at the bonus points you will earn based on your tier in the program.

Best Western Elite Status Requirements
Per calendar year
Blue Member Signing Up No Bonus
Gold Elite 10 Nights, 7 Stays, or 10,000 Points 10% Bonus
Platinum Elite 15 Nights, 10 Stays, or 15,000 Points 15% Bonus
Diamond Elite 30 Stays, 20 Stays, or 30,000 Points 30% Bonus
Diamond Select Elite 50 Nights, 40 Stays, or 50,000 Points 50% Bonus

Points earned from obtaining Best Western elite status will stack on top of the base points earned for the stay. So if you're a Best Western Gold Elite member and earned 2,000 points on a stay, you would earn an additional 10% bonus which would be 200 points for a total of 2,200.

Let's say you earned 4,000 points on a Best Western stay. Depending on your elite status, you would earn a certain amount of bonus points on top of that:

Best Western Elite Points
Base Points: 4,000
Elite Tier Elite Points Points Earned
Blue Member
No Bonus
0 Elite 4,000 Points
Gold Elite
10% Bonus
400 Elite
4,000 * 0.10
4,400 Points
Platinum Elite
15% Bonus
600 Elite
4,000 * 0.15
4,600 Points
Diamond Elite
30% Bonus
1,200 Elite
4,000 * 0.30
5,200 Points
Diamond Select Elite
50% Bonus
2,000 Elite
4,000 * 0.50
6,000 Points

As you move through the tiers in Best Western's loyalty program, you will start to earn more points per $1 spent. This is one of the main benefits of obtaining elite status with hotels (as well as airlines, car rental agencies, etc). Since you will be earning more points, you'll be able to obtain points for free nights (and other rewards) faster.

Best Western Credit Card Points

On top of your base points and elite status points, you can earn even more with Best Western Points earned from credit card spend. Best Western offers a handful of credit cards that can earn you between 3 and 10 points per $1 spent at Best Western brand hotels.

When using a Best Western credit card to pay for your stay, you will earn Best Western Points on the entire cost of the stay including taxes/fees. Points earned with credit cards will usually not post to your account immediately, but instead post to your account when the statement period ends. Points earned may also lag behind one statement (depends on the bank/program) so be sure to note that.

Best Western Credit Card Points
Points earned per $1 spent
Total Hotel Cost BW Premium Mastercard
Earns 10x at BW
$200 2,000 Points
$350 3,500 Points
$475 4,750 Points

If you frequently stay at Best Western Hotels, I consider using the Best Western Credit Card Point Calculators to find out how many points you could earn and whether or not the card is worth picking up.

Calculate Best Western Points

If you want to estimate how many Best Western Points you can earn on your next stay(s), you can use the calculator below. The Best Western calculator will take into account base spend, elite status, and whether or not you use a Best Western credit card. Do note that this calculator only focuses on Best Western spend. If you want to see how much you can earn across multiple categories, you can slide over to the Best Western Credit Card Point Calculators.

Point Value
Status/Credit Card Points Earned Value of Points
Best Western Blue Member
No Bonus
Blue Member
10 Base Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Best Western Gold Elite
Gold Elite
10% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Best Western Platinum Elite
Platinum Elite
15% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Best Western Diamond Elite
Diamond Elite
30% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Best Western Diamond Select Elite
Diamond Select Elite
50% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value


When you combine base earnings, elite status points, and Best Western credit cards, you have the capability to earn a great deal of points on your Best Western stays. If you love Best Western I consider reading up on the additional benefits of earning elite status. I also recommend checking out their travel partners if you're looking for even more ways to earn points.

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