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Calculator: Best Western Points Earned Per Stay

Credit Card Rewards Calculator
Wondering how many Best Western Rewards points you can earn on your next stay? Use our calculator to find out and start earning more rewards today.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-05-18

Best Western Rewards members can earn anywhere between 10 and 25 points per $1 spent at Best Western brand hotels. This includes base points, elite status points, and Best Western credit card points.

How are Best Western points calculated on stays?

When staying at Best Western brand hotels, you can earn anywhere from 10 points to 25 points per $1 spent. This will include the 10 base points along with bonus points based on your elite status level and whether or not you use a Best Western credit card to pay for your stay.

Method Points Earned Per $1 Spent
Base points 10
Elite status 1 - 5
Best Western credit cards 3 - 10

Base points

Best Western members earn 10 points per $1 spent on the base price of the hotel. This will be the cost before taxes and fees are added.

So if the base cost of your hotel stay is $200, you would earn a total of 2,000 base points on the stay.

Earn points on the base rate.

As per the usual with most hotels, you will only earn points on paid stays. Nights booked with Best Western Rewards Points will not earn you points.

Elite status points

Best Western has five tiers in their rewards programs: Blue, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, Diamond Elite, and Diamond Select Elite. Each tier offers a handful of great benefits including bonus points on the base rate which can earn you up to an additional 5 points per $1 spent.

Level Bonus Points Earned
Blue Member No Bonus 0
Gold Elite 10% Bonus 1
Platinum Elite 15% Bonus 1.5
Diamond Elite 30% Bonus 3
Diamond Select Elite 50% Bonus 5

Points earned from obtaining Best Western elite status will stack on top of the base points earned for the stay.

For example, a Best Western Gold Elite member would earn a total of 2,200 points if the base cost of the hotel stay was $200. This would be 2,000 base points plus a 10% bonus on that base rate which would equal 200 points.

Best Western credit card points

On top of your base points and elite status points, you can earn even more points using Best Western credit cards to pay for your stay. This can earn you up to an addtional 10 points per $1 spent.

When using a Best Western credit card to pay for your stay, you will earn Best Western Points on the entire cost of the stay including taxes/fees.

Points earned with credit cards will usually not post to your account immediately, but instead post to your account when the statement period ends. Points earned may also lag behind one statement (depends on the bank/program) so be sure to note that.

Credit Card Points Per $1 Spent
Best Western Mastercard 3
Best Western Premium Mastercard 10

Taxes aside, a $200 stay at a Best Western Hotel as a Diamond Select Elite would earn you a total of 5,000 points. That's 2,000 base points, 1,000 points from the 50% elite status bonus, and 2,000 credit card points.

As a member with no elite status and no Best Western credit card, you would only earn 2,000 points total which is a big difference in value.

Calculate Best Western points per stay

Use the Best Western Point Calculator to estimate how many Best Western Points you can earn per stay based on brand, status, and Best Western credit cards.

Best Western Hotel Cost
Enter the cost of your Best Western stay in U.S. dollars. Remember that you will not earn base points or elite status points on taxes and fees.
Base Cost
Best Western Credit Card
If you plan on using a Best Western Rewards credit card to pay, you can select it from the list. Best Western credit cards offer complimentary elite status, so updating this field may change the Best Western Elite Status field.
Best Western Brand
All Best Western Brands earn at a base rate of 10 Best Western Points per US $1 spent, so there's no need to select a specific brand.
Best Western Rewards Elite Status
If you have elite status, you can select it from the list. This can earn you up to a 50% bonus on the base rate.
Best Western Points Earned
This is the estimated amount of Best Western Points you would earn.
Best Western Points


How many points do you earn per stay at Best Western brand hotels?

All Best Western members earn a base of 10 points per $1 spent. Additional points can be earned with Best Western elite status and Best Western credit cards.

What's the most Best Western Points you can earn per $1 spent a Best Western Hotels?

Promotions aside, you can earn up to 25 points which includes 10 base points, up to 5 points with Diamond Select elite status, and 10 points with the Best Western Premium Mastercard.

Is signing up for Best Western Rewards free?

Yes. There is no cost to signing up for a Best Western Rewards account.

Is the Best Western Premium Mastercard worth it?

If you want to maximize your Best Western Points, the Best Western Premium Mastercard is worth it.

What's the highest status you can obtain with Best Western?

Best Western Diamond Select is the highest status you can obtain. It can be reached with 50 nights, 40 stays, or 50,000 base points during the calendar year.