Buying Choice Points: How To Buy & Cost Details

You can buy up to 180,000 Choice Points for as low as 0.99 cents per point. Get the full details on buying Choice Points and calculate the cost.

If you're a few points shy of your next redemption and transferring points to your account isn't an option, buying Choice Privileges Points to top off your account can be worth the price in some cases.

Cost To Buy Choice Points

Choice Privileges Points will cost you between 0.99 and 1.21 cents at the standard rate. The more points you buy in a single transaction, the cheaper the price and better the deal. Buying 10,000 Choice Points or more will give you the best value of 0.99 cents per point, but don't let this force you into buying more points than you need unless you're frequently able to redeem your points for more than what you bought them for.

Buying Choice Points
Choice Points Cost
Cost Per Point
1,000 - 4,000 Points 1.21 cents
5,000 - 9,000 Points 1.1 cents
10,000 - 120,000 Points 0.99 cents

Choice Privileges Points can be purchased in 1,000-point increments. You can buy as little as 1,000 points for $12.10 and as many as 180,000 points for $1,782 in a single transaction. You can buy up to 180,000 Points per calendar year, though this can change during promotions.

Details On Buying Choice Points
Base Cost Per Points 0.99-1.21 Cents
Taxes? No.
Min Purchase Per Transaction 1,000 Points
Max Purchase Per Transaction 180,000 Points
Max Points Per Calendar Year 180,000 Points
Purchase Increments 1,000-point Increments

Do note that buying Choice Points do not count towards Choice Privileges Elite Status.

Choice Buy Points Calculator

If you're looking to buy Choice Points at the standard rate, the calculator below can give you an idea of how much buying points may cost you. Do note that the cost of buying points can change at any time, so you'll want to log into your Choice Privileges account and check their buy points page to see the actual cost.

Buy Choice Points Calculator

Enter how many Choice Points you want to buy to see the estimate cost at the standard rate. Do note that the Choice Privileges Visa Card earns 5 points per $1 spent which is also shown in this calculator.
Total Cost
0.99-1.21 Cents Each
Choice Privileges Visa Card
5x per $1 spent
+0 Choice Points

When To Buy Choice Points

If you're short a few thousand points, buying Choice Points to top off your account can be worth it. For example, if a 4-night stay costs you 32,000 points and you only have 30,000 points, buying those extra 2,000 points would be a solid option assuming the redemption is offering good value.

Another reason for buying Choice Points is if you find a redemption in which buying points and redeeming them is better than paying cash. This isn't a frequent case when buying Choice Points at the standard rate, but can be when Choice Points can be purchased at a promotional price.

choice buy points sale
Choice Points are on sale several times per year.

You never want to buy Choice Points (or any points/miles for that matter) just to buy them. You always want to have a plan so that you can avoid losing money. It's always best to run the numbers to make sure you're getting great value out of your purchase.

How To Buy Choice Points

Choice Privileges Points can be purchased directly through the Choice Buy Points page.

  1. Head to Choice's Buy Points page.
  2. Enter your first/last name, Choice member number, and email address.
  3. Select how many Choice Points you want to buy.
  4. Fill out the payment details.
  5. Review the purchase, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Pay Now.

Choice Points will usually post to your account immedaitely, but it can take up to 24 hours for them to post. Once they do post, you'll be able to redeem them for free nights at Choice brand hotels.

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