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Hotel Rewards Calculators
Choice Hotel Points Calculators for earning on hotel stays, earning with credit cards, transferring to/from partners, and determining the best cash value.
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Your Simple Guide To Choice Hotels Points
Whether you're a frequent traveler or just starting out, this guide to Choice Hotels Rewards Points and our point calculators will help you get the most out of your stays.

Choice Hotels Credit Card Calculators

Use our Choice Hotels credit card calculators to determine total points based on the monthly and yearly spend amounts you enter. You can also calculate Choice credit card value based on spend, how much you value card benefits, and annual fees.

Choice Privileges® Mastercard®
Choice Privileges® Mastercard®
Choice Privileges® Selelct Mastercard®
Choice Privileges® Select Mastercard®

Conversion & Transfer Calculators

Use our conversion guides and calculators to calculate the conversion of points to and from the Choice Privileges program.

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Transfer Points To Choice Hotels Using These Credit Card Partners
Looking to transfer your credit card points to Choice Hotels? Check out our comprehensive list of transfer partners and use our calculator to see how many points you'll need!
choice transfer partners
Choice Hotels Transfer Partners
View the full list of Choice transfer partners and calculate the conversion of rewards to airline miles and rewards points with Choice's partners.

Point Value Calculators & Redemption Guides

Want to know how much your Choice Hotels points are worth and what the best redemptions are? Use our value calculators and guides to find out.

choice hotel points value
Calculator: How Much Are Choice Hotel Points Worth?
Curious about the value of your Choice Hotel points? Use our calculator to determine how much they're worth and get the most out of your rewards.

Additional Calculators & Guides

Choice Hotel Points Per Night Stay
Calculator: Choice Hotel Points Per Night Stay
Want to maximize your Choice Hotel points per stay? Use our calculator to find out how many points you can earn and learn how they are calculated.
Calculate The Cost To Buy Choice Hotel Points
Calculate The Cost To Buy Choice Hotel Points
Planning to buy Choice Points? Calculate the cost to buy them and get the details on how many you can buy and how to buy them.
Calculate Total Rewards & Card Value Per $1 Spent For 200+ U.S. Credit Cards
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