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How Much Does It Cost To Buy Hilton Points?

Buying Hilton Honors points can be a great way to save money on hotel stays. Use our calculator to see if it's a good option for you.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-10-30

How much does Hilton points cost?

Hilton Honors Points will cost you 1 cent per point at the standard rate. This means that every 1,000 points you buy will cost you $10.

Points Purchased Cost Per Point (in cents)
1,000 - 80,000 Points 1 Cent

How many Hilton points can you buy?

You can buy as little as 1,000 Hilton Honors Points for $10 and as many as 80,000 Hilton Honors Points for $800 in a single transaction. Points can be purchased in 1,000-point increments, starting at 1,000 points.

You can buy up to a total of 80,000 Hilton Honors Points per calendar year. This limit can change during promotions, so be aware of that it may be possible to purchase higher amounts several times per year.

Hilton Points Purchase Limits
Hilton Points Per Transaction
Minimum Purchase 1,000 Points
Maximum Purchase 80,000 Points
Maximum Purchase Per Year 80,000 Points

Can you buy Hilton points for cheap?

There are two ways that you can save money when buying Hilton Honors points: during promotions and by using TopCashback.


Hilton offers discounts on the purchase of points several times per year. Their most popular promotion is the 100% More Promo which allows you to buy Hilton Points at 0.5 cents each.

Based on our valuations, Hilton Points are worth about 0.5 cents each, so this is the best time to buy points to top off your account. This is especially true if you have a redemption that will give you more than 0.5 cents in value per point.


If you're looking to put a little bit of cash back into your pocket, I recommend using TopCashback when buying points with Hilton. TopCashback is an online cash back portal that pays you a small portion of the money they make when you click on a partner affiliate link on their website., which is the site you buy Hilton Honors Points through, is one of their affiliate partners. This means you'll earn cash back when buying Hilton points using their link.

You can sign up for a free TopCashback account through The Point Calculator to earn bonus cash back when you buy your Hilton Honors Points. You can also check out our TopCashback Review if you want to know more about the portal.

Are buying Hilton points worth it?

There's a few reasons in which buying Hilton Points can be worth it. This includes topping off your account and using them towards resorts that offer great value.

Topping off your account

The most common reason to buy Hilton Honors points is to top off your account. If you're a few thousand points short of a redemption, buying points can easily be worth the cost.

For example, if you have 147,000 Hilton Honors Points and you're 3,000 points away from a 3-day stay at a hotel you're booking, the best option will be to buy points assuming that you don't have points you can transfer to your Hilton Honors account.

The problem with waiting around is that the award price of the hotel could go up or the hotel could become completely booked.

Redeeming points for higher value

Hilton Honors Points have an average value of about 0.5 cents each. At the standard rate of 1 cent each, it will be really hard to justify purchasing a large amount of points unless you have an exceptional redemption lined up.

The best time to buy points will be during Hilton's 100% More Promotion in which you can buy Hilton points at half the price. In addition to the great price, you can typically buy more than the standard maximum of 80,000 points.

If you know how to redeem Hilton Points for high value, you'll come out ahead and save money in the long run assuming there's a big enough gap between the purchase price and the redemption price. This especially holds true for Hilton's high-end and popular properties.

For example, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is around 120,000 points per night with a cash price of $1,330 (before tax) in October. That's already an excellent value of 1.1 cents per Hilton Point!

If you were to buy 120,000 points during the 100% More Promo, you would end up with 240,000 points after paying $1,200. That would give you two nights worth of points which is significantly lower than paying the cash price of $1,330 per day (again... before tax).

Even better, if you already had 240,000 points and you purchased the additional points, you would be able to take advantage of Hilton's 5th night free perk which would give your points even more value.

This is just one example, but there are many ways you can make use of buying Hilton Honors point as long as you have a plan in advance. Never buy points just to buy them... even when they're on sale (unless you're a certified Hilton Honors Point expert).

Buy Hilton Points Calculator

Use the Buy Points Calculator to determine the estimated cost of buying Hilton Honors Points. You can then click on the link to buy them from Hilton's website.

How many Hilton Points do you plan on buying?

Redemption Average Dollar Value
Total Cost $10.00

How do you buy Hilton points?

  1. Head over to Hilton's Buy Points page.
  2. Log into your Hilton Honors account.
  3. Select how many Hilton Honors Points you want to buy.
  4. Enter your payment information.
  5. Review the order and agree to the terms & conditions.
  6. Click Purchase.

As a reminder, I do not recommend buying points just to buy them—whether they are on sale or not. I also do not recommend buying them just because it seems like a good deal.

You'll want to make sure that you have a redemption line up before buying points. Run the calculations and make sure that buying points will benefit you!


How can I buy Hilton Honors points?

You can buy Hilton Honors points directly through the Buy Hilton points portal.

How much does it cost to buy Hilton Honors points?

You can buy Hilton Honors Points at 1 cent each, so 1,000 points would cost you $10.

Is there a minimum number of Hilton Honors points that I must purchase?

The lowest amount of Hilton Honors points you can buy is 1,000 points. This will cost you $10.

Can I use bought Hilton Honors points to book award stays at any Hilton brand hotel?

Once Hilton Honors points have been purchased and they are reflected in your account balance, you can use them as normal. This includes booking free nights at Hilton brand hotels worldwide.

How long does it take for purchased Hilton Honors points to be credited to my account?

Hilton Honors points purchased through the portal can take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your account, but they typically post immediately.

Is there a limit to how many Hilton Honors points I can buy?

You can buy a maximum of 80,000 Hilton Honors points per transaction and up to 80,000 Hilton Honors points per year.

Can I refund or exchange my purchased Hilton Honors points?

Purchases of Hilton Honors points are final. You cannot refund or exchange purchased points.

Are there any discounts or promotions for buying Hilton Honors points?

Hilton offers their 100% More Points promo several times per year in which you can buy points for half off. This is the best time to buy Hilton points.

How do I know if buying Hilton Honors points is a good value compared to paying cash for a hotel stay?

If you have a redemption that gives you more value per cent than what you paid to buy them, it will be worth it to buy points.

Can I buy Hilton Honors points to transfer to someone else's loyalty account?

You can use the Gift Points option to buy points for other Hilton Honors members.

How much does it cost to buy 80,000 Hilton Honors points?

At the standard rate of 1 cent per point, you can buy 80,000 Hilton Honors points for $800. During Hilton's popular 100% More Points sale, you can buy the same amount of points for only $400.