SPG Points To Marriott Rewards Points Conversion Calculator

Rewards Transfer Calculator
Calculate the transfer of Marriott Rewards Points to Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints and vice-versa using this calculator.
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Starwood Preferred Guest was a top-notch hotel rewards program that earned Starpoints. These points were worth as much as 2 cents each on average and sat alongside Hyatt in terms of valuable hotel rewards points.

The Starwood program was bought out by Marriott in 2018. If you had Starpoints in your SPG account, they were converted to Marriott Rewards Points as long as you had a linked Marriott Rewards account at the time.

The Marriott Rewards program was re-branded as Marriott Bonvoy and all Starwood credit cards were officially re-named February 2019.

Point Conversion Calculator

Use the Point Conversion Calculator to calculate the transfer of points between Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. The transfer ratio is 1 Starpoint to 3 Marriott Rewards Points.

This is just a simple retro calculator for converting rewards since Starpoints are a thing of the past.

Marriott Rewards Points
Enter any amount of Marriott Rewards Points to update the calculations in the Starpoints field.
Enter any amount of Starpoints to update the calculations in the Marriott Rewards Points field.


How many Starpoints equal a Marriott Rewards Point?

The transfer ratio for Marriott to Starpoints is 3:1, so 1 Marriott Point is equal to one-third of a Starpoint.

How many Marriott Rewards Points equal a Starpoint?

The transfer ratio for Starpoints to Marriott is 3:1, so 1 Starpoint is equal to 3 Marriott Rewards Points?

How much were Starpoints worth in the Starwood Preferred Guest program?

Starpoints were worth around 2 cents each on average.

How much are Marriott Rewards Points worth?

Marriott Rewards Points, now Bonvoy Points, are worth about 0.7 cents on average.

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