Transfer Points To Marriott Bonvoy

Calculate the transfer of rewards to your Marriott Bonvoy account. List of partners and details on best transfer options for earning points.

Marriott Bonvoy Points can be earned by transferring rewards from partner programs directly to your Marriott Bonvoy account. You can transfer rewards to your Marriott Bonvoy account using the following programs:

  • American Express Membership Rewards
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • United Airlines MileagePlus

This page covers how you can earn Marriott Bonvoy Points transferring rewards from these programs and the best options for maximizing your earnings.

Point Transfer Options

You can transfer rewards to your Marriott Bonvoy account using several rewards programs. Most of these programs have points or miles that are typically worth more than Marriott Bonvoy Points. You'll want to be aware of that when transferring points to your Marriott Bonvoy account. Below are the brief details on each transfer partner.

American Express Membership Rewards

American Express Membership Rewards Points can be transferred to Marriott at a 1:1 ratio meaning every 1,000 AMEX Points you transfer would give you 1,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points. AMEX is going to be the best option for earning Marriott Bonvoy Points on everyday spend outside of using Marriott's own credit cards. You'll be able to earn 2x-5x points across several categories such as grocery, gas station, airfare, general travel, transit, and restaurant/dining.

How To Transfer AMEX Points To Marriott Bonvoy

You can transfer Membership Rewards Points to Marriott Bonvoy with the following steps:

  1. Go to AMEX's website, enter you User ID and Password, and select Membership Rewards in the drop down. Log In.
  2. Select Transfer Points from the tabbed options and click View All.
  3. Find Marriott Bonvoy and click Transfer Points (if you haven't linked your account, you'll need to do so. You will need your Marriott Bonvoy Membership Number to do such).
  4. Enter how many points you would like to transfer from AMEX to Marriott.
  5. Verify your AMEX Card, accept the terms & conditions, and click Confirm & Transfer Points.

If you want more details on how to transfer you can read the How To Transfer AMEX Points To Marriott Guide.

transfer amex points to marriott

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points can be transferred to Marriott at a 1:1 ratio meaning you will trade in one point for one points. This allows you to use Chase Credit Cards to earn Marriott Bonvoy Points. Chase has 3 Ultimate Rewards Point earning cards. Those who have any of Chase's Ultimate Rewards Point earning cards, can convert cash back earned with Chase Cash Back Cards into Ultimate Rewards Points at a 1 cent for 1 point ratio. This gives you a total of 7 credit cards total to work with. The best cards for earning Marriott Points with Chase will be the Chase Ink Business Cash and Chase Freedom Flex due to the possibility of earning 5x across different categories.

How To Transfer Chase Points To Marriott Bonvoy

There's not a ton of steps required to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Marriott. The steps below covers how to transfer your points.

  • Log into your Chase Ultimate Rewards account.
  • On the Ultimate Rewards home screen, select Transfer to Travel Partners.
  • Find Marriott Bonvoy under the hotels section and click on Transfer Points.
  • Choose the recipient (whether it be yourself or an authorized user) and enter the Marriott Bonvoy account number that corresponds to the selected recipient.
  • Enter how many points you wish to transfer.
  • Confirm the transfer.
Earn the equivalent of 5x Marriott Bonvoy Points across rotating quarterly categories on the Chase Freedom Flex Card.

United Airlines MileagePlus

United Airlines Miles can be transferred to Marriott at a 1:1 ratio. This allows you to earn Marriott Bonvoy Points flying United Airlines and by using their four co-branded mile earning cards (specifically the sign up bonus). United Miles have an average value of 1.4 cents, but can be worth more with a little research and dedication.

How To Transfer United Miles To Marriott Bonvoy

You can transfer United Miles to your Marriott Bonvoy account by following these steps:

  1. Head to the Marriott-United Portal page.
  2. Scroll down to 'Convert MileagePlus Miles Into Marriott Bonvoy Points' and log into your United MileagePlus account.
  3. Enter your Marriott Bonvoy membership number.
  4. Enter how many United Miles you would like to transfer to Marriott Bonvoy.
  5. Click Convert.

You can convert up to 50,000 United Miles each calendar year.

convert united miles to marriott points

Transfer To Marriott Calculator

The Transfer To Marriott Calculator will calculate the transfer of points from partnering programs to Marriott Bonvoy. Enter any amount of Marriott Bonvoy Points to see how many points or miles you would need to transfer from the listed partners to equal the amount you entered.


Earning With Partner Credit Cards

Using transfer partner credit cards will allow you to build up your Marriott Bonvoy Points balance faster than using Marriott credit cards across certain categories depending on the program. This also provides a great way to build your balance through sign up bonuses since you'll be able to transfer those earned rewards directly to your Marriott Bonvoy account.

All of the credit cards listed in the table below earns points with a program that allows you to transfer rewards to the Marriott Bonvoy program. The earning rates for transfer partner credit cards are based on the transfer ratio when converting rewards to Marriott Bonvoy Points. You can click on a card to learn more as well as calculate how many points you can earn based on your spend.

Transfer Partner Credit Cards

You can click on a credit card below to learn more and calculate total value based on spend, card benefits, and fees.
The card section above may be scrollable.

You can use the Best Credit Cards For Marriott Bonvoy Points Calculator to find out which cards listed above will earn you the most points and best returns based on your spend.


With the ability to transfer points to Marriott using both AMEX and Chase, you should easily be able to build up a solid balance of points. Even with that being the case, if you're a fan a Marriott, you'll want to consider picking up a Marriott credit card since it will be hard to beat the value of these cards considering 6x earning rate on Marriott spend, free annual night, complimentary status, and more. You can use the Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Calculators to calculate how many Marriott Bonvoy Points you can earn and the cash value of each card based on spend, benefits, and fees. You can compare the results side by side any cards featured on the site including co-branded cards from other hotel chains.

Get the details on transferring rewards to other hotel loyalty programs using partners and calculate the transfer of rewards.

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