How To Calculate Radisson Points On Stays

Radisson Points Calculator

Details on how Radisson Rewards Points are calculated on stays with base, elite status, and credit card points. Calculate points based on your spend.

When you combine base points, points earned from elite status, and points earned from using Radisson credit cards, you can easily earn a lot of Radisson Points very quickly. This page breaks down how Radisson Points are calculated and features a calculator that will estimate how many Radisson Points you can earn on your next stay.

Getting Started & Things To Note

Before you're able to earn Radisson Rewards Points, you'll need to have an account and know which brands you can book with and how to book direct.

Sign Up For A Radisson Rewards Account

In order to obtain Radisson Points, one must have a Radisson Rewards account. Signing up for a Radisson Rewards account is free and easy to do. When booking your stays with Radisson, you'll want to make sure you're signed into your account so that you receive your points and credit towards elite status.

Book Direct With Radisson

If you want to earn Radisson Rewards Points when staying at Radisson brand hotels, you'll need to book directly with Radisson. This means booking on, over the phone through Radisson's reservation line, or through a Radisson-owned mobile app.

Booking through third parties such as Expedia,, or will not earn you Radisson Rewards Points, you will also not receive credit towards elite status, and if you have elite status the hotel may not honor the benefits/perks that comes with it.

Book direct through

Radisson Hotel Brands

When booking stays at Radisson, it's best to know what brands they own. The main brands of Radisson are:

  • Radisson
  • Radisson Blu
  • Radisson Collection
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
  • Radisson Red
  • Park Inn by Radisson
  • Park Plaza

As long as you're logged into your Radisson Rewards account when booking online or you use your membership number when booking over the phone, you'll earn Radisson Rewards Points when booking stays at these brands.

How To Calculate Radisson Points

When staying at Radisson brand hotels, there's three types of points that you can earn: base points, elite points, and credit card points.

Radisson Base Points

Radisson Points are earned at a base rate of 20 points per $1 USD spent. The standard for most hotel loyalty programs is 10 points, so this is a lot higher than most. The drawback to earning so many points is that Radisson Points are typically worth a lot less than other hotel loyalty programs which events it out.

radisson hotel booking columbus
You would earn 2,840 Radisson Points per night ($142 x 20 points).

Radisson Elite Points

Radisson Rewards Elite Status is obtained after meeting a certain amount of nights or stays at Radisson brand properties during the calendar year. As you stay at their hotels more and more, you'll move up through the tiers of elite status which grants benefits such as bonus points, discounts, room upgrades, late check-out, and much more.

Tier Requirements Bonus Points
Club Earned By Signing Up No Bonus
20 Points/$1
Silver 9 Nights or 6 Stays +2 Bonus Points
22 Points/$1
Gold 30 Nights or 20 Stays +5 Bonus Points
25 Points/$1
Platinum 60 Nights or 30 Stays +15 Bonus Points
35 Points/$1

Based on your tier, you'll earn additional bonus points on top of your Radisson Base Points. So if you booked a room that was $142 per night and you were a Radisson Gold member, you would receive your normal 2,840 base points ($142 x 20) along with 710 elite status bonus points ($142 * 5) for a total of 3,550 Radisson Rewards Points.

Radisson Credit Card Points

On top of Radisson base points and points earned from Radisson Elite status, you can also earn additional points using Radisson brand credit cards. Radisson offers a small handful of credit cards that can earn you as much as 10 additional Radisson Rewards Points.

Note that Radisson Rewards Points earned from credit card spend are added to your Radisson Rewards account based on when your credit card statement ends. Also, you'll earn Radisson Rewards Points on the entire cost of the stay rather than just the base cost of the room.

As an example, the Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Card earns 10 Radisson Points per $1 when used at Radisson. If the final cost of your room was $170 after taxes, you would earn 1,700 Radisson Rewards Points if you used the card to pay for your stay. You would also receive base points and elite status points. If the base cost (before taxes) was $142, you would have earned a total of 5,250 Radisson Rewards Points (1,700 points + 3,550 points).

Calculate Radisson Points

The Radisson Rewards Calculator below will estimate how many Radisson Rewards Point you can earn based on the base cost of the room, elite status, and whether or not you use a Radisson Rewards credit card. Do note that this calculator only focuses on Radisson spend. If you want to know how much you'll earn with Radisson credit cards spending across all categories, slide over to the Radisson Credit Card Point Calculators.

Do note that some Radisson Rewards Cards offer complimentary elite status meaning that some combinations of credit cards and status aren't possible.

Point Value
Status Points Earned Value of Points
Radisson Base Earning Rates
Radisson Basic Member
20 Base Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Radisson Silver Earning Rates
Radisson Silver Member
+2 Bonus Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Radisson Gold Earning Rates
Radisson Gold Member
+5 Bonus Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Radisson Platinum Earning Rates
Radisson Platinum Member
+15 Bonus Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value

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