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Radisson Points are worth 0.4 cents on average for free nights. Full list of redemption options. Calculate cash value based on redemption.
Updated 2020-10-08 By Robert Flowers III

The best value of Radisson Rewards Points will come from redeeming them for free nights at Radisson brand hotels. This will give you an average value of around 0.4 cents per point. Overall, you can redeem Radisson Rewards Points towards:

This page will cover the cash value you can obtain from these redemptions as well as details on each option.

Radisson Points Value Calculator

Use the Radisson Points Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of your Radisson Points based on the average value of each redemption listed. You can enter any amount of points in the field below.

Radisson Rewards Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Radisson Properties
0.4 cents on average
Gift Cards
0.142 to 0.147 cents
$ - $
Starting at $1.60 for every 1,000 Points
Priority Pass
125,000 Points | ~0.199 cents
Normally Costs US$ 249

These are the average cash values for Radisson Rewards Points when used for free nights at a rate of 0.4 cents per point:

Radisson Points Average Value - Free Nights
Radisson Points Cash Value
10,000 Points US $40
25,000 Points US $100
50,000 Points US $200
75,000 Points US $300
100,000 Points US $400

Redeem For Free Nights

The best value of Radisson Rewards Points will be when you use them for free nights at Radisson brand hotels. This will typically give you an average value of around 0.4 cents per point, but it's possible to get more or less depending on the hotel. Let's take a look at some examples. Let's check out the first few Radisson hotels that pop up near Dallas, Texas and compare the cost of the hotel in cash, points and cash + points.

The cost of each hotel in points, cash, and cash + points.

Let's look at the overall value of the redemptions for these three hotels.

Hotel Name Points Value Cash+Points Value
Radisson Hotel Dallas North-Addison 0.34 Cents 0.61 Cents
Country Inn & Suites, DFW Airport S. 0.56 Cents 0.53 Cents
Country Inn & Suites, Grand Prairie-DFW-Arlington 0.52 Cents 0.49 Cents

With the exception of the all points redemption for the Radisson Hotel Dallas North-Addison, the rest of the redemptions are quite nice. They offer more than the average value I peg them at and all would suitable options for booking on rewards points.

Searching other cities such as Detroit, Atlanta, and Denver produced the same results with point values between 0.3 and 0.6 cents. Same goes for overseas in which London, United Kingdom's Radisson Blu properties gave me values of 0.3 to 0.5 cents (USD). It's safe to say that the average for Radisson Rewards Points hovers slight about 0.4 cents per point.

Other Redemptions

Outside of free nights at Radisson Hotels, you can also redeem your points for in-room charges, gift cards, a credit to cover the TSA PreCheck application fee, and Priority Pass membership. Points also be donated to charity.

In-Hotel Express Awards

You can use Radisson Rewards Points towards purchases made at the hotel which includes:

  • In-Hotel Food & Beverage
  • Laundry
  • In-Room Movie
  • Parking
  • Room Upgrade
  • Spa
  • Meetings & Events

The value you get out of these will vary and hotels may offer different awards based on location. You'll want to check with the front desk to see which Express Awards are available when visiting a hotel.

Gift Cards

Redeeming your Radisson Rewards Points for gift cards will give you a value of 0.138 to 0.147 depending on the denomination. For whatever reason, the $25 gift card gives the lowest value, even lower than that of the $10 gift card. The table below shows the costs for these redemptions and the value you'll receive out of each..

Denomination Cost In Points Point Value
$10 Gift Cards 7,000 Points 0.142 Cents
$25 Gift Cards 18,000 Points 0.138 Cents
$50 Gift Cards 34,000 Points 0.147 Cents
$100 Gift Cards 67,000 Points 0.149 Cents

Not all denominations for any given gift card may be available.

Prepaid Visa Cards

Radisson Rewards Points can be redeemed for Radisson Prepaid Visa Cards which are accepted anywhere VISA is accepted. You can pick up these Prepaid cards in denominations of $25, $50, and $100 each for 20,000 points, 35,000 points, and 67,000 points respectively. The $100 prepaid Visa will give you the most value of 0.149 cents per point whereas the $25 gift card will give you the lowest value of 0.125 cents per point.

Priority Pass

Radisson Rewards Points can be redeemed for a Priority Pass invitation code for 125,000 points. The cost of standard membership is $249, so you're looking at a point value of 0.199 cents per point. Priority Pass grants you access to more than 1,000 airport lounges across the world. It's a useful benefit that is featured on many credit cards.

You can donate your Radisson Rewards Points to several charities and foundations. Those charities are:

  • SOS Children's Villages
  • American Red Cross
  • First Climate

The starting redemption value varies, but they all offer the same point value of 0.16 cents per point.

Transfer Radisson Points To Partners

Radisson Rewards Points can be transferred to over 20 airline partners at a 10:1 ratio. This means that every 1,000 Radisson Rewards Points will equal 100 airline miles. This can be an okay option if you really need to top off one of your frequent flyer accounts, but the ratio is quite low. If you frequent Radisson properties, I recommend sticking to using points for free nights as they will generally offer you more value.

You can use the Radisson Transfer Partners Calculator to calculate the transfer of points to airline miles with Radisson's partners.


Radisson Rewards Points can be redeemed for some solid value when you consider how many you can earn at once. Even with the 0.4 cents per point average, you earn 20 base points per $1 spent which is two times as much when compared to many other hotel loyalty programs such as Marriott, Hilton, and IHG.


How much are Radisson Points worth on average?

Radisson Points are worth around 0.4 cents on average when used for free nights.

What can you use Radisson Points for?

Radisson Points can be redeemed for free nights, gift cards & prepaid Visas, and Priority Pass. They can also be donated to charity.

Can Radisson Points be transferred to other programs?

Yes. Radisson Rewards Points can be transferred to more than 20 different airline programs.

How many Radisson Points to you need for a free night?

The cost of a room will vary. Rooms start at 9,000 points per night and goes up from there.

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