Expedia Status Levels

Covers the benefits of earning Expedia Blue, Silver, and Gold Status. Learn how to qualify for each status level and get the perks of each.

Earning status with Expedia comes with a range of benefits including discounted prices, additional perks at select hotels, and bonus points. It can be earned relatively easy booking through expedia.com or you can earn complimentary status with Expedia's credit cards.

How To Calculate Expedia Status

Elite status with Expedia is based on how many nights you spend at hotels booked through Expedia or how much money you spend with them. When elite status with Expedia is earned, status will be valid from the day it is earned, for the following full calendar year, and expires on the next February 28th.

Hotel Nights

Eligible hotel nights are nights booked directly through Expedia. A night is considered to be a night-day cycle spent at a hotel. If you were to check in on a Monday and check out that following Friday, you would earn 4 nights. This would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. You would not earn credit for Friday since you would be checking out and not actually spending Friday night (going into Saturday morning) at the hotel.

Your hotel booking must cost more than USD $50 in order to count towards earning status.

Expedia Spend

Eligible spend with Expedia includes general spend through expedia.com including Expedia fees but not third-party taxes/fees.

Blue Member

When you sign up for an Expedia account, you will start off as a Blue Member. Blue members start off with a good handful of perks that makes it worthwhile if you're going to book travel through Expedia. As an Expedia blue member you will earn the following benefits:

Ability To Earn and Redeem Points

Expedia Blue members will be able to earn points from booking through Expedia as well as the ability to redeem points. Blue members will earn at the base rate of 1 point per $5 spent on airlines and 2 points per $1 on all other booked travel.

Member Pricing

Expedia Blue members will have access to member pricing. This can save you 10% or more on top of the great rates that Expedia already offers. Members will also receive access to select sales and other exclusive member offers to save even more money.

Earn Points and Airline Miles

Expedia Blue members will earn both Expedia Points and airline miles when booking flights through Expedia. This allows you to still build Frequent Flyer Miles with your favorite airlines and not miss out on miles you would normally earn from flying.

Hotel Price Guarantee

Expedia Blue members will be eligible for Expedia's Hotel Price Guarantee. This means that if you find a cheaper rate on your hotel reservation up until the midnight before your stay, Expedia will refund the difference. This can help you save money if cheaper rates pop up elsewhere.

Silver Member

The next step in the Expedia Rewards Program is Silver status. Silver status is obtained after meeting one of the following requirements with Expedia:

Once you've qualified for Expedia Silver status, you will enjoy the benefits of an Expedia Blue member along with the following additional benefits:

Free Perks at VIP Hotels

Expedia Silver members will earn additional perks when staying at Expedia VIP Access hotels. This includes Wi-Fi, free breakfast, spa credits, and exclusive amenities specific to the VIP Access hotel you're staying at.

Bonus Points

Expedia Silver members will earn an additional 10% bonus on top of points earned booking travel through Expedia. On top of that, Silver members will also receive an additional 250 Expedia Points when booking VIP Access hotels.

Expedited Customer Service

Expedia Silver members will receive 24/7 expedited customer service via the Silver member number.

Gold Member

The highest status in the Expedia Rewards Program is Gold status. Gold status is obtained after meeting one of the following requirements with Expedia:

Once you've qualified for Expedia Gold status, you will enjoy the benefits of Expedia Silver status along with the additional benefits of:

Bonus Points

Expedia Gold members will earn the highest point bonus of 30%. Gold members also receive the bonus 250 points for booking Expedia VIP Access hotels.

Room Upgrades

Expedia Gold members will receive complimentary room upgrades at VIP Access hotels when available. This can be an upgrade in room category to one of greater value or quality, to a preferred floor, or to a preferred location on a floor, such as away from the elevators or ice machine.

Expedited Customer Service

Similar to Silver members, Expedia Gold members will receive 24/7 expedited customer service via the Gold member number.

Expedia Points Estimator

You can enter any amount of Expedia Spend below to see how much you can earn based on Expedia Status Levels and whether or not you use an Expedia credit card. Remember that Expedia Points are worth 0.71 cents each for all redemptions.

Expedia Spend

Enter how much you plan on spending with Expedia.

Expedia Points Value

Enter how much you value Expedia Points. They are worth 0.71 cents for all redemptions.
Point Value

Expedia Credit Card

If you plan on using a Expedia credit card to pay, you can select it from the list to include the bonus points you'll earn from using it.

Expedia Spend

You'll earn 2 points per $1 on non-flight travel and activities. Flights will earn you 1 point per $5 spent (remember that you'll still earn airline miles on top of that).

Expedia Points Earned

The table below lists the amount of points you'll earn and the cash value of those points based on what you entered in the sections above.
Expedia Point Estimator
Status Points Earned Value of Points
Expedia Member Earning Rates
Expedia Member
Base Points
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Expedia Silver Earning Rates
Expedia Silver
10% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Expedia Gold Earning Rates
Expedia Gold
30% Bonus
0 Points 0 Cash Value
Updated 2020-02-04 By Robert Flowers III
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