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Everything to know on earning and redeeming American Eagle Real Rewards Points. Plus, calculate how much you can earn and how much your points are worth.

American Eagle Outfitters is an American clothing and accessories retailer that is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are more than 930 American Eagle stores and 110 Aerie stores which is another brand American Eagle owns.

Earning American Eagle points

The American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Program, previously known as AEO Connected Rewards, is a free to join program that allows you to earn points on purchases made at all U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico:

  • American Eagle Outfitters Stores
  • Aerie Stores
  • AEO Factory Stores
  • Aerie Factory Stores
  • AEO or Aerie Mobile App
  • Direct Phone Orders

The amount of points you earn per $1 spent is based on your membership level in the RealRewards Program. The higher your level, the more points you earn and the better discounts you'll receive.

American Eagle-Aerie RealRewards Tiers
Tier Status Earnings
Level 1 Membership 10 Points Per $1
Level 2 Membership 15 Points Per $1
Level 3 Membership 20 Points Per $1

Once you earn a new tier status in the program, it will be good for the remainder of the year in which it was earned as well as all of the next calendar year.

American Eagle points value

RealRewards Points, formerly known as AEO Rewards Points, are worth 0.4 cents each. Every 1,250 points you earn will grant you a $5 reward that you can use toward purchases made with American Eagle, Aerie, and AEO Factory stores.

Use the American Eagle RealRewards Points Calculator to calculate the cash value of points earned in the program.

Enter any amount of American Eagle points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
All Membership Levels $0

American Eagle credit card points

American Eagle offers a Visa card and a store card that you can use to earn American Eagle Points on purchases. The Visa card can be used wherever Visa is accepted whereas the store card can only be used in-store or online at American Eagle, Aerie, and AEO Factory stores.

You can click on a card to learn more and calculate how much you can earn based on spend.

American Eagle RealRewards Visa Card
Benefits & Rewards Calculator
American Eagle RealRewards Store Card
Benefits & Rewards Calculator


How much are American Eagle RealRewards Points worth?

Points are worth 0.4 cents each. 1,250 points can be redeemed for a $5 rewards.

What can you use American Eagle RealRewards Points for?

Points can be used towards purchases made with American Eagle, Aerie, and AEO Factory Stores.

How many points can you earn in the American Eagle RealRewards program?

You can earn anywhere between 10 and 20 points per $1 spent based on your membership level in the program.