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Best Buy Points Value Calculator

Calculate the average dollar value of your Best Buy points when redeemed for in-store and online purchases using our Best Buy Value Calculator.
Page Created: 01-30-2024

Best Buy points value

Best Buy Points are worth 2 cent each meaning that every 250 points you earn is worth $5 in cash value with Best Buy. This is the only option when it comes to redeeming Best Buy Points.

Redemption Best Buy Point Value (in cents)
Best Buy Certificate 2

Best ways to redeem Best Buy points

There's only one redemption option when it comes to Best Buy points and that's redeeming them for a Best Buy certificate.

Best Buy certificates

Best Buy points can be converted into a Best Buy Certificate starting at 250 points for a $5 certificate.

These certificates can be used in-store or online. When using them in-store, you'll be asked for the phone number connected to your account or membership number. When shopping online, you'll be give the option to use your certificates when checking out.

You can set up your account preferences to automatically cash your points out for certificates or to bank points until you're ready to use them. I highly recommend banking them because certificate have expiration dates and you could end up letting certificates go bad if you forget that you have them.

There is no limit to the amount of certificates you can use, but do note that they cannot exceed the pre-tax cost of the purchase. So if something costs $4.99 before tax, you would not be able to use the $5 Best Buy Certificate even through the cost after tax would be more than $5.

Calculator: Convert Best Buy points to dollars

Use the Best Buy Points Value Calculator to determine the cash value of your Best Buy Points when converted to Best Buy Certificates.

Enter any amount of Best Buy points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Point value $0

Best Buy certificate values

Best Buy points Cash value
250 Points $5
500 Points $10
1,000 Points $20
2,500 Points $50
5,000 Points $100
10,000 Points $200
25,000 Points $500


What can you use Best Buy Rewards Points for?

Best Buy Rewards Points can be used for Best Buy Certificates. Every 250 points redeemed will give you a $5 Best Buy Certificate.

How much are Best Buy Points worth?

Best Buy Points are worth 2 cents each. Every 250 points you redeem is good for a $5 Best Buy Certificate.

How do you check your Best Buy Rewards balance?

Once you log into your My Best Buy account, you can click on your name to see how many points you have and the total cash value of all available certificates.

How do you redeem Best Buy Points?

Best Buy Points must be redeemed for Best Buy Certificates. You can then use those certificates online or in-store towards the pre-tax cost of your purchase.

Does Best Buy Points expire?

Yes, in a way. After 12 months of no activity on your Best Buy account, your points will be automatically converted to Best Buy Certificates down to the $5 level. Any remain points after the conversion will be forfeited.

Does Best Buy Certificates expire?

Yes. Best Buy Certificates will have an expiration date printed on it.

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