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The Benefits of Target Circle Rewards & Target RedCard

Store Rewards Calculator
Get a quick rundown of the benefits that comes with Target Circle Rewards & the Target RedCard and calculate how much you can save based on spend.

Target offers two ways that you can earn rewards on your everyday purchases in-store and online: Target Circle Rewards & Target RedCard™. Overall, the Target Rewards program is simple and straightforwrad program that's free to sign up for and useful for anyone who frequently shops with Target.

Benefits of Target Circle

Target's main loyalty program is called Target Circle. It is free to sign up for and earns you a handful of benefits when shopping at Target.

Benefits include:

  • 1% on purchases made in-store at Target, online at, and through the Target App when not using the RedCard
  • Access to deals & offers through your account
  • A 5% off coupon annually on your birthday
  • Earn votes to help direct where Target gives in your community

It's a pretty straightforward program and an easy way to put a little bit of cash back into your pocket. Plus, you'll be able to add coupons and offers to your Target Circle account and they will trigger automatically at checkout at Target.

Target RedCard benefits

Target offers one store rewards card called the Target RedCard™. It earns 5% back when you use it to pay for purchase in-store or online with Target.

As a Target Circle member with a RedCard, you will earn 5% back instead of the 1% back. The rewards do not stack on top of one another.

If you frequently shop at Target, I highly recommend having this card as it's one of the best credit cards you can have for Target purchases. As with most store cards, you'll want to make sure to pay off your full balance every statement to avoid the interest as it will eat away at your rewards.

Target RedCard Cash Back Calculator

Target Rewards calculator

Input how much you spend in-store and online with Target to see how much you can earn as a Target Circle member or with the Target RedCard.

Enter how much you spend with Target calculate Target Rewards.
Rewards earned as a Target Circle member $0 in Target Rewards
Rewards earned as a Target RedCard holder $0 in Target Rewards

Earn $30+ Bonus Cash Back

Plan on shopping on Sign up for a free Rakuten Rewards account and start your online Target shopping session through them to earn a $30 cash back bonus in addition to your Target Circle Rewards or RedCard Rewards.


How do you get Target Circle?

You can sign up for Target Circle through Target's website. It's free and easy to do.

What is Target Circle?

Target Circle is Target's loyalty program. It allows you to earn cash rewards as a non-RedCard member. You're also able to redeem deals and coupons through your Target Circle account.

Does Target Circle cost money?

No. Target Circle is a free loyalty program.

Can I use Target Circle online?

Yes you can. You will just want to make sure you're logged into your Target Circle account when making a purchase at

What is Target Circle earnings?

Target Circle earnings is the total amount of cash back you've earned as a Target Circle member. You'll earn 1% cash back as a member or 5% as a Target RedCard holder.

Is Target Circle a credit card?

No. It is Target's loyalty program. The Target RedCard is still Target's branded store credit card.