What Is Walgreens Cash Rewards & How Much Can You Earn?

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Get the rundown on earning and redeeming rewards in the Walgreens Cash Rewards program and calculate how much you can earn based on your spend.
Last Updated 2022-05-22 By R.Flowers III

The myWalgreens Rewards program offers lots of great benefits for anyone that frequently shops at Walgreens. This includes the ability to earn and redeem Walgreens Cash on purchases made in-store and online with Walgreens, free shipping, free ship to store, order pickup, and more.

How does Walgreens Cash Rewards work?

When you sign up for a free myWalgreens account, you'll be able to earn Walgreens Cash on purchases made in-store and online with Walgreens. Earned Cash Rewards can then be applied towards transactions made at Walgreens.

How To Earn Walgreens Cash Rewards

Walgreens Cash can be earned spending in-store and online as a myWalgreens member. You can also earn Walgreens Cash when you use a myWalgreens Credit Card.

Earning Cash Rewards spending with Walgreens

The best way to earn Walgreens Cash is by making purchases in-store or online with Walgreens. You'll earn 1% Walgreens Cash on every eligible purchases and 5% Walgreens Cash on Walgreens branded products. This makes it very easy to earn lots of cash back with Walgreens.

Earning Cash Rewards with MyWalgreens credit cards

Walgreens offers the myWalgreens credit card which allows you to quickly build lots of Walgreens Cash shopping in-store and online with Walgreens and Duane Reade. If you're approved for the Mastercard version, you'll also be able to earn Walgreens Cash on purchases made outside of Walgreens.

Another plus to the myWalgreens credit card is that cardholders will also be able to earn bonus rewards for reaching health goals. This is done by linking the myWalgreens App to your smartphone, watch, or health app and completing challenges every week.

If you frequently shop at Walgreens (and especially if you shop Walgreens brand products), you'll want to consider the Walgreens credit card as it is the best option for Walgreens purchases.

How much Walgreens Cash can you earn?

Use the Walgreens Cash Rewards calculator to estimate how much cash back you can earn on your in-store or online Walgreens order based on the spend amounts you enter.

Walgreens Branded Products
Enter how much you spend on Walgreens branded products in-store or online with Walgreens.
Other Walgreens Purchases
Enter how much you spend on non-Walgreens brand products and at the pharmacy.
Method Walgreens Cash Earned
myWalgreens member $-
myWalgreens member using a Walgreens credit card $-

How to use Walgreens Cash Rewards

Walgreens Cash Rewards that you earn can be applied towards transactions made at Walgreens. While there is no limit to how much you can earn, you can only use up to $50 in Walgreens Cash per transaction and up to $100 in Walgreen Cash per day.

Redemptions can be made online at Walgreens.com during checkout or you can use them at the register when in-store. You'll be prompted to scan your mobile Walgreens card or you can enter your phone number at the POS terminal when prompted to redeem (and earn) rewards.

Do note that you will need to have an email attached to your myWalgreens profile online or with the Walgreens App to redeem your Walgreens Cash rewards.

Does Walgreen Cash Rewards expire?

Walgreens Cash will expired 12 months after they are originally earned. On top of that, if your Walgreens Cash rewards account is inactive for six consecutive calendar months, then your membership will be marked inactive and all accumulated Walgreens Cash rewards will be forfeited.

This is pretty extreme, so you'll want to make sure to at least make a purchase at Walgreens occasionally if you want to keep your rewards going.

MyWalgreens benefits

Outside of earning Walgreens Cash, you'll have access to a bunch of other useful benefits as a myWalgreens member. This includes pickup, free shopping, free ship to store, and on demand delivery with DoorDash or Postmates.


As a myWalgreens member, you'll be able to pickup orders for free in as little as 30 minutes when you order online.

  1. Order online or use the Walgreens App
  2. You'll be notified by Walgreens when your order is ready (as little as 30 minutes)
  3. Get your order curbside, at the drive thru, or in-store.

You'll also be able to get both your Pickup order and your prescriptions at the pharmacy.

walgreens pickup

Free Shipping

Walgreens offers free shipping to myWalgreens members. There's several ways you can get free shipping:

  • Ship To Store: There's no minimum purchase requirement for the Ship To Store option. You'll be able to select the store of your choice for your items to be shipped to for free and emailed when it's ready to be picked up.
  • Ship To Home: If you want free shipping on items sent to your home address, you'll need to reach an order subtotal of $35 or more. This excludes sales tax and/or applicable shipping charges.
  • Contact/Prescription: If your order contains contact lenses or a prescription, you'll receive free shipping. Do note that flat fee products for contact lenses and prescriptions do not apply.

Orders are subject to a $0.049 shipping fee for each 1/10 of a pound over 20 pounds. This fee will apply regardless of whether or not all your items are free-shipping eligible and/or the $35 minimum has been achieved.

Do note that gift cards do ship for free, but they do not contribute towards the subtotal for the $35 minimum for other items that may be in your order. Photo orders and Prescription Savings Club cards are also not eligible for free shipping.

Ship To Store

When you place and order on Walgreens.com, you'll have the option to have it delivered to your local store for free. This is a great option if you're unable to accept a delivery at your home or workplace and would rather pick it up from the store.

There's no minimum order amount of Ship to Store meaning this is a completely free service. You can use Ship To Store with most Walgreens and Duane Reade locations.

DoorDash & Postmates

Need your order now, but can't get out to your local Walgreens to pick it up? You can use DoorDash or Postmates to bring you your Walgreens order on demand. Do note that fees may vary and may apply as they usually do with product and food delivery services.

walgreens doordash postmates

Prescription Services

If you frequently pick up prescriptions from Walgreens, one of the best perks of having a myWalgreens account is how easy it is to manage them all with the app and online.

You'll be able to easily add previous prescriptions to your Rx cart, toggle on Auto Refill and even see the history of all medications including last fill date, how many refills you've had of any given prescription, pill quantity, and more.

You'll also be able to check the status of any prescription orders you have with a store and will have the option to start a refill as well.

Through the myWalgreens app or via the website you'll also be able to:

  • Transfer Rx
  • Print Rx Records
  • Request New Rx
  • Change Instruction (Label) Text Size
  • Change Label Language
  • Change Cap Preference (Easy or Child Safety Cap)
  • Sign Up For ExpressPay

If you find yourself in the drive-up window often, I recommend signing up for ExpressPay. This allows you to put a debit or credit card on file with Walgreens for your prescriptions.

Speaking from experience, this saves a lot of time when picking up prescriptions.


How do Walgreens rewards work?

Every $1 you spend on Walgreens branded products will earn you 5% back and every $1 spent on all other Walgreens purchases will earn you 1% back. Earned Walgreens Cash can then be applied towards purchases in-store or online at walgreens.com.

Does Walgreens Cash expire?

Yes. Walgreens Cash will expire 12 months after it is originally earned. If your myWalgreens Rewards account is inactive for 6 months, your account will be marked inactive and you'll lose all earned rewards.

Is myWalgreens Rewards free?

Yes. The myWalgreens Rewards program is free to sign up for. If you already have a Walgreens Balance Rewards account, you can convert it to a myWalgreens account for free.

How much Walgreens Cash can you redeem at once?

You can redeem up to a max of $50 Walgreens Cash in a single transaction and up to a limit of $100 Walgreens Cash per day.

What are some benefits of the myWalgreens program?

Benefits of the program include the ability to earn and redeem Walgreens Cash, store pickup, free shipping, free ship to store, on demand delivery with DoorDash and Postmates, and prescription services.

What is Walgreens Balance Rewards?

Walgreens Balance Rewards was the rewards program of Walgreens and ended on April 16th, 2021. It has been converted to myWalgreens, so be sure to log in and update your account.

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