Amtrak Guest Rewards Points Calculator

Amtrak Point Calculators for earning, redeeming, transferring, and calculating the cash value of points earned with the Amtrak Guest Rewards program.

Program Details

Amtrak is a passenger railroad service that provides medium and long distance intercity service to 46 of the contiguous United States and a few Canadian cities. They are basically the only passenger railroad service in the U.S. and feature over 40 different routes. Amtrak's most popular cities consists of New York City, Washington (D.C.), Philadelphia, and Chicago. You can take a look at their route map by clicking here.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The Amtrak Guest Rewards Credit Card Calculators will calculate how many Amtrak Points you can earn based on your monthly or yearly spend across Amtrak credit cards. Each calculator will also output the cash value of the card based on spend, how much the card benefits are worth to you, and annual fees.

Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and fees.

You can compare the results side by side any credit cards featured on the site to find out which earns you the most rewards and the best return. If cookies are enabled, all spend entered (primary/first column only) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the website.

Best Credit Cards For Amtrak Points

Amtrak Points can be earned directly using Amtrak credit cards. Points can also be earned running spend through credit cards that fall under Amtrak's transfer partners. The tool below will give you a list of the best credit cards for earning Amtrak Points based on your spend across categories.

U.S. Membership Rewards Credit Card Calculators

Amtrak has two point earning credit cards offered by Bank of America. The Amtrak Platinum Mastercard is a no-annual fee card that offers double points on Amtrak purchases and provides a 10% rebate on on-board purchases. The Amtrak World Mastercard is a step up in terms of rewards and benefits as it offers triple points on Amtrak purchases as well as double points on all other travel purchases. It also offers a bunch more annual benefits such as a companion pass, lounge pass, and one-class upgrade.

Redeeming Rewards & Cash Value

Amtrak Guest Rewards Points have the best value when redeemed for award rail travel with Amtrak. Outside of redeeming with Amtrak, your only other options are gift cards, transferring points to partners, and using the portal.

Transfer Partners

Amtrak Guest Rewards Points can be transferred to a handful of programs. You can also transfer points to your Amtrak Guest Rewards account using partner programs. In order to transfer points, you'll need to have Amtrak Elite Status or run $20,000 in spend across the Amtrak World Mastercard.

Earning Rewards

When booking paid travel with Amtrak, you will earn 2 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points per $1 spent. This is the same across all Amtrak Elite Status Membership Levels. On top of those points, you will earn a 25% point bonus for Business class travel and 50% for Acela First class travel. This means you can earn up to 3 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points per $1 spent which is a pretty nice return considering points are valued around 2 cents each.

Estimate how many Amtrak Guest Rewards Points and Amtrak Tier Points you can earn on your Amtrak travel based on spend, elite status, and Amtrak credit cards.

Amtrak Spend

The amount of money spent buying your Amtrak ticket.

Amtrak Status

Select your status in the Amtrak Guest Rewards program.

Class of Travel

Select the class of your Amtrak ticket.

Amtrak Credit Card

Select whether or not you're using an Amtrak Credit Card.

Estimated Rewards

The total estimate points and tier points based on your selections above.
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0 Tier Qualifying Points

In addition to riding Amtrak, you can also earn points spending with partners. This includes booking other forms of travel and shopping online. Those who fly United and use Amtrak in the Northeast can also earn a few extra bonus points.

Amtrak Car Rental Partners

You can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points booking with Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz. This is a great way to earn additional points if you're not looking to earn car rental rewards points with these agencies. Do note that train travel is not required for earning points with these car rental partners.

Car Partner Earn/Book
Budget Book through and use Budget Customer Discount (BCD) number: U082200
Enterprise Book through the Amtrak-Enterprise link
Hertz Book through and use CDP: 1229959

Amtrak Hotel Partners

You can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points booking hotel stays with several programs. This gives you an alternative to earning hotel loyalty points by earning points with Amtrak instead.

Do note that both Choice and Wyndham are direct transfer partners of Amtrak. Unless you have a short, cheap stay at either brand, the better option would be to earn hotel loyalty points as normal and then transfer them to the hotel loyalty program of your choosing when you need to.

Hotel Partner Earn/Book
Choice Privileges Choice Points Transfer or Change Choice Privileges Earning Preferences
Wyndham Rewards Wyndham Points Transfer or Change Wyndham Rewards Earning Preferences
Rocketmiles Book using Rocketmiles-Amtrak link

Amtrak & United

You can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points when flying eligible flights on United Airlines. When you use Amtrak to connect to or from Newark Liberty International Airport and either Philadelphia, Wilmington, Stamford or New Haven, you can earn 1 Amtrak Guest Rewards Point per mile traveled plus a 25% bonus for travel in United Business class and a 50% bonus for travel in United First class. This is on top of the Amtrak Guest Rewards Points you'll normally receive for your Amtrak Travel.

Amtrak Travel & Shopping Portals

Amtrak has several travel portals that you can use to book hotels, car rentals, and cruises. You can also earn Amtrak Points shopping online with top retailers.

Amtrak Hotels & Cars

The Amtrak Hotels and Cars Portal allows you to earn up to 10,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points per night on hotel stays and up to 500 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points per day on car rentals.

amtrak hotels and cars rental earnings

Amtrak Cruises

You can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points when booking cruises through the Amtrak Cruise Concierge at TravelStore. You can earn up to 4 Amtrak Guest Rewards points for every cruise dollar spent. The TravelStore features all the big name cruise lines such as Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity. You can book directly through

Amtrak Shopping

The Amtrak Points For Shopping allows you to earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points spending with more than 400 top retailers. The shop works the same as other cash back and shopping portals:

  1. Find the store on the Amtrak Points For Shopping portal
  2. Click on the link to 'Shop Now' for that store
  3. You'll land on the store's normal home page to shop as normal
  4. Once you make a purchase, Amtrak will be notified
  5. You'll earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for your purchase

Using the Amtrak Points For Shopping is one of the best ways to earn additional Amtrak Guest Rewards Points. I recommend using portals like these when shopping and especially when booking travel.

amtrak points for shopping
Earn points per $1 spent shopping through Amtrak.

Buying Rewards

If transferring points to your Amtrak Guest Rewards account is not an option and you need points now, you may want to consider buying Amtrak Points. At the standard rate, Amtrak Points will cost you 3.77 cents each which is quite high when compared to the average value. You can buy as little as 500 Amtrak Points for $18.85 and you can purchase them in 500-point increments. You can only buy up to 30,000 Amtrak Points per transaction and up to 30,000 per year. Amtrak Select Executive Members do not have any point restrictions and can buy as many points as they want per calendar year.

Buying Amtrak Points
Amtrak Points Cost
Cost Per Point
1,000 - 30,000 Points 3.77 Cents

Amtrak Points are available at a discounted price several times per year. This allows you to buy Amtrak Points at a fraction of the cost which can save you a decent amount of money if you plan on topping off your Amtrak Guest Rewards account.

How To Buy Amtrak Points

  1. Head over to the Buy Amtrak Points page.
  2. Select how many Amtrak Points you want to buy.
  3. Enter your payment information.
  4. Review the order and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Click 'Pay Now'.

Amtrak Points will typically post after a couple minutes, but it can take up to 72 hours after the transaction is complete so be aware. Do note that gifting points also apply to to the same cap as buying points. Also note that GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.

Amtrak Guest Rewards FAQ

How much are Amtrak Points worth?

Amtrak Points are worth about 2 cents each but can be redeemed for higher value with minimal effort and research.

What can Amtrak Points be used for?

Amtrak Points can be used for free rail travel on Amtrak and for gift cards. They can also be transferred to other programs via

How do you earn Amtrak Guest Rewards Points?

Once you sign up for an Amtrak Guest Rewards account, you'll earn 2 points per $1 spent on Amtrak purchases. You can earn a 25% to 50% bonus booking Business class and First class rides with Amtrak.

Are Amtrak Points worth earning?

If you ride Amtrak frequently, yes. Amtrak points are worth as much as 2 cents each and can be very valuable if you're looking for free rides.

Can I earn Amtrak Points booking hotels?

Yes. You can earn Amtrak Points booking with both Choice and Wyndham directly. You can also earn points booking through Rocketmiles or by using the Amtrak Hotels and Cars portal.

Can I earn Amtrak Points renting cars?

Yes. Amtrak has three car rental partners which consists of Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget. You can also rent cars through the Amtrak Hotels and Cars portal to earn points.

Does Amtrak have any airline partners?

You can earn Amtrak Points when flying United in the northeast when you use Amtrak as a connection between Newark Liberty International Airport.

Does Amtrak have a shopping portal?

Yes. You can use the Amtrak Guest Rewards Shop to earn points shopping online at top retailers.

Can you buy Amtrak Points?

Yes, you can buy Amtrak Points directly from the portal on their website.

How much does it cost to buy Amtrak Points?

Amtrak Points can be purchased for 3.77 cents each at the standard rate.

What's the lowest amount of Amtrak Points you can buy?

You can buy as little as 500 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for $18.85.

What's the most Amtrak Points you can buy?

You can buy up to 30,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points per transaction and per calendar year. Do note that there is no point restriction for Amtrak Select Executive Members.

Is it worth buying Amtrak Points?

If you need to top off your account, buying Amtrak Points can be worth it. Buying large amounts of Amtrak Points will usually not be worth the cost unless you can redeem them for more than what you paid for them.

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