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Carnival FunPoints Calculators

Calculate Carnival Funpoints per $1 spent, value of FunPoints based on redemption, and more using our Carnival FunPoints Calculators.
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Venture miles can be redeemed towards any kind of travel. This includes not only Carnival cruises, but other cruise lines, airfare, hotels, car rentals, and much more!
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Credit Card Calculators

Carnival offers one co-branded credit card through Barclaycard that earns FunPoints. Do note that it is the only way to earn Funpoints as you do not earn Funpoints from just cruising Carnival.

If you book shore excursions on prior to your cruise, this is a great card to have as you'll receive 10% off when you use the card to pay. Outside of that, there's not much else to the card and their are better options that will earn you free cruises faster.

Carnival Mastercard Calculator

Calculate total FunPoints and the cash value of the Carnival® World Mastercard® based on your spend, how much you value card benefits, and any annual fees.

Credit Card Value Calculator