Program Breakdown: Carnival VIfP Club Levels & Benefits

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Get the details on how to earn status in Carnival's VIfP Club and learn about the benefits offered at each level in the program.
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Those who have taken at least one cruise on Carnival or have a paid cruise approaching, can sign up to become part of Carnival's Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) program. Carnival VIFP Club is a point-based program which features five different levels. Those levels are Blue, Red, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. As you go on more cruises with Carnival, your level will slowly start to move up and you'll gain access to some pretty nice perks.

Earning VIFP Points

In order to earn status within the Carnival VIFP Program, you will need to start building up VIFP Points. Members will earn 1 VIFP Point per day spent on a Carnival Cruise. So a 5-day cruise would earn you 5 VIFP points. A 7-day cruise would earn you 7 VIFP points. It's pretty simple and straightforward. Unlike hotel and airline programs, VIFP Points are not calendar based. Your points will not start over at the beginning of the calendar year. The amount of VIFP Points you earn will stay with you unless your account is terminated by Carnival or the program ceases to exist.

Carnival VIFP Levels

The Carnival VIFP Program has five levels. Each level is listed below and includes the details on how many VIFP Points you need to earn that level and the list of benefits offered at that level.

VIFP Blue Level

VIFP Blue Level is obtained on the first cruise once a member signs up for an account. There are no other requirements for this level. Be sure to sign up for an account before the cruise so that you can take advantage of the following VIFP Blue Benefits:

VIFP Blue Benefits
Obtained During First Cruise
Members-only offers
Member e-newsletter

VIFP Red Level

VIFP Red Level is obtained automatically during the second cruise (assuming you have previously signed up for a VIFP account). VIFP Red comes with the benefits of Blue Level along with one additional benefit.

VIFP Red Benefits
Obtained During Second Cruise
Complimentary 1 liter bottle of water delivered to stateroom on all sailings

VIFP Gold Level

VIFP Gold Level is the first level in the program that requires a certain amount of VIFP Points to achieve. You will need a total of 25 VIFP Points to obtain this level. That means you will need a total of 25 days cruising with Carnival. Even at VIFP Gold, you won't see too many additional benefits and perks. You'll receive the benefits of VIFP Red along with two additional benefits.

VIFP Gold Benefits
25 VIFP Points Required
Appreciation drink on 5 day cruises (on the last evening of the cruise after 5pm)
Gold VIFP pin on every sailing

VIFP Platinum Level

VIFP Platinum is when the perks and benefits of the VIFP program really start to kick in. VIFP Platinum is obtained after earning 75 VIFP Points. This means you will need a total of 75 days cruising with Carnival. At VIFP Platinum you'll obtain the benefits of VIFP Red and Blue (not Gold) along with 15 additional benefits.

VIFP Platinum Benefits
75 VIFP Points Required
Priority check-in and boarding
Platinum and Diamond VIFP Party on 5+ day sailings featuring complimentary drinks and appetizers
Complimentary beverage at Seaday Brunch*
“Chocolate Delight” strawberry plate delivered to stateroom on 5+ day cruises
Unique, collectible pin noting specific ship and year received on each sailing
Priority spa reservations
Priority water shuttle boarding ship to shore only
Casino: Buy-one-get-one-free tournament entry (Blackjack or Slot only)
$5 worth of complimentary arcade credits for guests under 18
Carnival logo gift on every sailing
Priority Guest Services assistance by phone
Priority line at onboard Guest Services desk
Priority debarkation
Priority reservations at Main Dining Room and Specialty Restaurant
Complimentary Wash & Fold laundry service (amount of bags depend on cruise length)

VIFP Diamond Level

VIFP Diamond is the highest level in Carnival's loyalty program. It can be reached after dedicating 200 days to cruising on Carnival Ships. It offers all of the benefits of VIFP Platinum Level along with a few improved benefits and 7 additional ones.

VIFP Diamond Benefits
200 VIFP Points Required
Guaranteed seating time requested in Main Dining Room for dinner only
Unlimited complimentary Wash & Fold service
Priority reservations at Specialty restaurants
Special event invitation from the Captain on each sailing
One-time free cabin upgrade OR third and fourth guests sail free
One-time donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®
One-time complimentary meal for two at Specialty Restaurant of choice
VIFP Club luggage tag set presented once at Diamond level
Dedicated toll-free number for sales and service


As you can see, those dedicated to cruising with Carnival can gain access to some serious benefits after hitting VIFP Platinum. Make sure you sign up for a Carnival VIFP account so you don't leave any points on the table. Also be sure to take a look at the Barclays Carnival Mastercard if you want to participate in their rewards program as well to earn some more savings!