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Everything To Know About: Dollar Express Rewards

Car Rental Rewards Programs
Get the most out of your Dollar car rentals with Dollar Express Rewards. Learn about the benefits and how to sign up in this comprehensive guide.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-04-13

Dollar Rent A Car is a global rental car company that is headquartered in Estero, Florida. They operate as a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation and has about 840 company-owned locations in the U.S. and Canada and over 1,500 franchise locations in 70 countries with Thrifty Car Rental.

Dollar's rewards program is called Dollar Express Rewards. It's a free to join program that offers a handful of benefits.

How to join Dollar Express Rewards

Dollar Express Rewards is a free-to-join program loyalty rewards program. You can sign up for a free account by going to and clicking on Login/Sign-Up in the upper-right hand corner of the page. You'll then see the option to Join Dollar Express Rewards.

It will require you to enter your personal information which includes name, address, and drivers license number. You'll also be required to set a handful of personal preferences as well as create a password for your account.

Dollar Express Rewards benefits

Here's the benefits of joining Dollar Express Rewards:

  • Skip the counter - Skip the counter and go straight to the lot.
  • Free authorized additional driver - Spouse or domestic partner.
  • Quicker Reservations - Enjoy quicker reservations, pick-up and returns.
  • Earn Free Days - Earn free days with Dollar Express Rewards.
  • Priority Counter Service - Receive priority counter service when needed.

You'll receive all of these benefits at no charge—just for being a member! So if you plan on renting from Dollar, I highly suggest signing up for an account.

How to earn points

Once you become a Dollar Express Rewards member, you'll earn 1 point for every qualifying USD $1 spent on a Dollar rentals. So if you were to spend $150 on a Dollar rental, you would end up with 150 Dollar Rewards points. It's pretty straightforward.

How many points will I earn?

Use our Dollar Express Rewards Points Earning calculator to estimate how many points you can earn per $1 spent on Dollar car rentals.

Enter any amount of spend to see how many points you can earn per $1 spent with Dollar.
Points earned with Dollar: 0 points

How to earn points and miles with Dollar

Instead of earning Dollar Rewards Points, you can choose to earn airline miles or hotel points with every rental. The amount you receive depends on the program.

When you first sign up for a Dollar Rewards account, you will be asked for your preferred travel rewards. You can input up to 6 different travel partners ordered by preference.

You can choose to earn points and miles on Dollar rentals for the following loyalty programs:

  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • All Nippon Airways Mileage Club
  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Delta SkyMiles
  • Spirit Airlines
  • FRONTIER Miles
  • IHG One Rewards Club
  • Japan Airlines Mileage Bank
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Do note that if you wish to add any of these loyalty programs to your Dollar Rewards account, you will need to have your membership number available. You can change these options at any time under 'Update Profile' when logged into your Dollar Rewards Points account.

Dollar points value

Dollar Rewards members can redeem their hard earned rewards points for free rentals with Dollar. Redemptions for weekend days is 500 points per day and redemptions for weekdays are 625 per day.

The best value of redeeming Dollar Rewards Points come from week-long rentals which cost 2,550 points for a one week rental and 5,000 points for a two week rental.

The actual value of your Dollar Rewards Points will vary depending on the cost of the rental. I was able to easily find redemptions that would give me as much as 10 cents per point which is superb.

The cost in points for Dollar Rewards redemptions.

How much are my points worth?

If you know the cost in points and the cost of your rental in cash, you can use our Dollar points value calculator to determine the value per cent.

Cost of Rental In Cash
Enter how much the redemption would cost you if you paid cash.
Cost of Redemption In Points
Enter how much the redemption would cost you in Dollar Rewards points plus any taxes/fees you might have to pay.
Cost in points
Redemption Value
This is how much your Dollar Express Rewards points would be worth based on the values entered above.
- Cents Per Point

Does Dollar Express Rewards points expire?

As long as you have Dollar Express Rewards rental activity in the last 24 months, your points will not expire. Activity means that either a point was earned or redeemed on a rental with Dollar.

Earn cash back on Dollar rentals

Want to earn cash back on top of the rewards you'll earn as a Dollar Express Rewards member? You can with online cash back portals!

These portals allow you to easily double and triple dip on rewards just by doing what you would normally do anyway... shop online! Here's how they work:

  1. Start at the cash back portal of your choosing and search for Dollar Car Rental.
  2. Once you find Dollar, click Shop Now to start a new shopping session.
  3. The portal will drop you off on to book your rental as normal. Be sure to sign into your Dollar Express Rewards account!
  4. Once you book and complete your rental reservation, the cash back portal will be notified.
  5. Cash back will be credited to your account.

When fully taken advantage of and utilized properly, you can earn:

  • Cash back or other rewards through the cash back portal.
  • Dollar Express Rewards points, airline miles, or hotel points based on your Dollar account settings.
  • Rewards with the credit card you use to pay for your Dollar rental.

The best thing about cash back portals are that they are free to use. Every time you click and make a purchase using a link on the portal's website, they get paid a referral bonus. So they have no need to charge you anything because you're helping them make money as well!

rakuten earnings
I've earned a lot over the years booking travel and shopping online using cash back portals like Rakuten Rewards.

If you plan on booking a rental with Dollar or just plan on shopping online in general, check out a few of the leading cash back portals. If you're new, you can create an account using our links below and earn bonus cash back on your first shopping session!


What is Dollar Express Rewards?

Dollar Express Rewards is the free-to-join loyalty program of Dollar Rent a Car. It offers a handful of benefits that makes renting with Dollar smoother.

How do I enroll in the Dollar Express Rewards program?

You can enroll in Dollar Express Rewards by going to and clicking Sign-Up in the upper-right corner of the page. You'll then see the option to Join Dollar Express Rewards.

What are the benefits of Dollar Express Rewards?

Benefits of Dollar Express Rewards includes skip the counter, free authorized additional driver, quicker reservations, and the ability to earn Dollar Express Rewards points, airline miles, or hotel rewards points on Dollar rentals.

How do I earn Dollar Express Rewards points?

If your account is setup to earn points with Dollar, you will earn 1 point for every eligible USD $1 spent on Dollar rentals.

How can I redeem my Dollar Express Rewards points?

Dollar Express Rewards points can be redeemed for free rental days with Dollar. Rentals start at 500 points per day for weekend days and 625 points per day for weekdays.

What is the value of Dollar Express Rewards points?

The value of Dollar Express Rewards points will vary. It's not hard to get upwards of 10 cents per point which makes the program very much worth signing up for.

Can I transfer my Dollar Express Rewards points to someone else?

Dollar Express Rewards points are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family or friends.

Do my Dollar Express Rewards points expire?

Dollar Express Rewards points do not expire as long as you have Dollar Express Rewards rental activity in the last 24 months. Activity means that you have earned or redeemed points on a rental.

Are there any blackout dates or restrictions on using Dollar Express Rewards points?

There are a bunch of blackout dates for holidays and special events/dates for both U.S. and Canadian members. The full list can be found on under the program FAQs.