TD Rewards Points Value Calculator

Redemption Options & Cash Value Calculator

TD Rewards Points are worth 0.5 cents each on average. Calculate the cash value based on all available redemption options including gift cards.

The best value for TD Rewards Points will come from redeeming them towards purchases. Redemptions through this special Expedia portal will give your points a value of 0.5 cents each. Overall, TD Rewards Points can be redeemed for:

  • Travel via
  • Shop The Mall
  • Gift Cards
  • Merchandise
  • Cash
  • Education

This page will cover the average cash value you can obtain from these redemptions and provide details on each.

TD Rewards Points Value Calculator

Use the TD Rewards Points Value Calculator to calculate the average value of your TD Rewards Points based on the average values listed in the table. You can enter any amount of points in the field below.

TD Points Value Calculator
TD Point Value Calculator
Enter any amount of TD Points to see the cash value for each redemption.
TD Points
Expedia For TD
0.5 Cents
Book Any Way (Travel)
0.4+ Cents
Education Credit
0.4 Cents
Shop The Mall
0.295 Cents
Gift Card
0.25 Cents
0.25 Cents

Listed below are the average cash values for TD Rewards Points when used on the Expedia For TD portal.

TD Points Average Value - Free Nights
TD Points Cash Value
10,000 Points US $50
25,000 Points US $125
50,000 Points US $250
60,000 Points US $300
75,000 Points US $375
100,000 Points US $500

TD credit card sign up bonuses frequently feature some of the higher amounts by just running spend through their cards within the first 90 days of applying.

Expedia For TD

Redeeming your TD Rewards Points towards purchases made on the portal will give you the best value of 0.5 cents per point. Every 200 points redeemed will be worth $1 towards purchases made over the phone or online at The best thing about being able to use your points through the Expedia portal is that you can use your points towards flights, hotels, vacation packages, rental cars, and experiences. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to redeeming your points towards travel.

Expedia does not offer a co-branded credit card to Canadian citizens like they do for those based on in other regions. If you enjoy spend with Expedia, the TD Rewards program is going to be one of the top options in terms of earning and redeeming rewards for great value.

Other Redemptions

Outside of the portal, you can use your TD Rewards Points to wipe away travel purchases, shop for name brand electronics and merchandise, pick up gift cards, pay off your bill with cash credits, and apply towards education credit.

Book Any Way (Travel)

TD Rewards Points can be redeemed towards travel purchased outside of the portal. You can use your TD Points to "wipe away" travel purchases made to your TD Travel credit card. This will give your points a value of 0.4 for the first $1,200 of your Book Any Way travel redemption and 0.5 cents per point for any amount that is over $1,200 for the same Book Any Way travel redemption. So you'll only get 0.5 cents per point for any cost that exceeds $1,200.

TD lists the following on their website as "travel" purchases that you can wipe away with your points:

  • Air travel, airline taxes, baggage fees, cargo or pet travel fees
  • Airport parking, limos, shuttles
  • Car rental, scooter rental
  • Cruises
  • Train tickets, bus fares, subways or similar local commuter transportations
  • Vacation ferries
  • Hotel stays, room service
  • Bed & breakfasts, cottage/villa/chalet rentals
  • Vacation condominium rentals
  • Campsites
  • Motor home rentals & campsites, RV parking & campsites
  • Resort and spa vacations
  • Outfitter-tailored trips
  • Houseboat rentals
  • Theme park tickets
  • Boat, jet ski, or other watercraft rentals
  • Local tours/excursions
  • Ski rentals, lift tickets
  • Restaurant bill*
  • Theatre tickets*
  • Gasoline*
  • Travel medical insurance

Do note that restaurant bill, theatre tickets, and gasoline purchases must be connected to travel. TD will review the request to see if it qualifies. Purchases for these during non-travel situations will not be approved.

Shop The Mall

TD Rewards Points can be redeemed at name brand retailers through using the TD Rewards Shop The Mall toolbar. You can download the toolbar and use it to view your TD Points and the their cash value. Once you've shopped for everything you with any of the participating retailers, you can redeem your points during checkout to either pay the bill entirely or partially. Using your points through the Shop The Mall option will give your points a value of 0.295 per point.

Participating retailers include:

  • Apple
  • Banana Republic
  • Carter's / OshKosh
  • Children's Place
  • Columbia SportsWear
  • Gap
  • Hudson's Bay
  • Indigo Books & Music
  • Old Navy Canada
  • Penningtons
  • Reitmans
  • Roots Canada
  • RW & Co.
  • The Body Shop
  • TicketKing / Mirvish
  • Walmart

Gift Cards

You can use your TD Rewards Points for gift cards through the TD Shop The Catalog portal. Gift cards will give your points a value of 0.25 cents each with your redemption options being 10,000 TD Points for a $25 gift card or 20,000 TD Points for a $50 gift card. There's over 60 gift card options to choose from covering multiple categories.

Shop The Catalog

TD offers a bunch of merchandise that you can purchase via the TD Rewards Portal. This includes electronics, gaming, entertainment, and even food and beverages. The value of these redemptions will vary, so you'll want to check the retail price before redeeming your points. For example, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a MSRP of $259.99 and costs 113,468 TD Points which gives your points a value of 0.22 cents each for this particular redemption. Compared to other options that isn't bad, but you can typically find electronics for less than the MSRP.

Cash Credit

TD Rewards Points can be redeemed as a cash credit to pay down your TD credit card account at a value of 0.25 cents per point. This means that every 400 points you redeem will shave a $1 off your TD credit card account balance. You must redeem at least 10,000 points ($25) if you want to use your points as a cash credit. Do note that like most credit card companies, cash credits do not count towards the monthly minimum payment requirement.

Education Credit

You can redeem your TD Rewards Points towards an eduction credit from You'll be able to redeem $250 in eduction credit with them for 62,500 points which gives your points a value of 0.4 cents each. Redemptions must be in 62,500 ($250) increments.


TD Rewards Points can offer some solid value when redeemed for travel through the Expedia For TD portal. Outside of the portal, your best options are redeeming your points for travel purchases made to the card and educational credits. All other redemptions will give you lower value in which cash back credit cards are usually the best options.

If you want to know how much you can earn with TD credit cards based on your spend across hundreds of categories, you can use the TD credit card point calculators. Each calculator will also output the cash value of the card based on the point value, card benefits, and annual fees. You can compare the results side by side any credit card featured on the site.

Want to learn about the value of rewards with other programs? Calculate the cash value and get the list of redemption options for several other popular programs!


How much are TD Points worth?

TD Points are worth 0.5 cents each when redeemed with Expedia and bewteen 0.2 and 0.4 for other redemptions.

How many TD Points equal $1?

When redeeming with Expedia, 200 TD Points is worth $1. Redeeming points for other forms of travel will equal 250 TD Points for $1.

What can you use TD Rewards Point for?

TD Points can be redeemed for travel, gift cards, merchandise, cash credits, and educational credits.

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