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The Rundown On Expedia Rewards Benefits By Status Level

Elite Status
Covers the benefits of earning Expedia Blue, Silver, and Gold Status. Learn how to qualify for each status level and get the perks of each.
Last Updated: 06-17-2022
The Expedia Rewards program is now One Key. These articles reflects the (now) old Expedia Rewards program.

Earning status with Expedia comes with a range of benefits including discounted prices, additional perks at select hotels, and bonus points. Status in the program is based on how often you book travel with Expedia during the calendar year.

How To Qualify For Status

Along with earning Expedia Rewards Points, you will also earn Trip Elements when booking through Expedia. The amount of Trip Elements you earn between January 1 and December 31 will determine your status level in the program.

1 Trip Element is equal to:

  • 1 per flight ticket
  • 1 per hotel room, per night
  • 1 per vacation rental night
  • 1 per car reservation
  • 1 per cruise cabin night
  • 1 per activity ticket

Do note that Trip Elements are subject to a minimum spend of CA$25 per Trip Element. So any items you book through Expedia that cost less than that will not earn you a Trip Element.

Once you build enough Trip Elements and earn status with Expedia, it will be good from the day it is earned, the following full calendar year, and up to February 28th of the year after.

So if you were to earn status in 2022, it would be valid from the day you earn it until February 28, 2024.

Expedia Blue Status

Expedia Blue Status is obtained when you sign up for a free Expedia Rewards account. This level offers a solid amount of benefits that can make it worthwhile if you plan on booking travel through Expedia.

It comes with the following benefits:

Ability To Earn and Redeem Points

Expedia Blue members will be able to earn points from booking through Expedia as well as the ability to redeem points towards travel and activities.

At the base level, Blue members will:

  • Earn 1 point per CA$1 spent on eligible stays, car rentals, activities, and packages
  • Earn 1 point for every CA$5 spent on eligible flights

You can also earn 1 additional point for using the Expedia app to book your travel.

Member Pricing

Expedia Blue members will have access to member pricing. This can save you 10% or more on top of the great rates that Expedia already offers.

Members will also receive access to select sales and other exclusive member offers to save even more money.

Earn Points and Airline Miles

Expedia Blue members will earn both Expedia Points and airline miles when booking flights through Expedia. This allows you to still build Frequent Flyer Miles with your favorite airlines and not miss out on miles you would normally earn from flying.

Hotel Price Guarantee

Expedia Blue members will be eligible for Expedia's Hotel Price Guarantee. This means that if you find a cheaper rate on your hotel reservation up until the midnight before your stay, Expedia will refund the difference.

This can help you save money if cheaper rates pop up elsewhere.

Expedia Silver Status

Expedia Silver Status is obtained after earning 10 Trip Elements during the calendar year.

Once you've obtained Expedia Silver Status, you'll enjoy the benefits of Expedia Blue Status along with these additional benefits:

Free Perks at VIP Hotels

Expedia Silver members will earn additional perks when staying at Expedia VIP Access hotels. This includes Wi-Fi, free breakfast, spa credits, and exclusive amenities specific to the VIP Access hotel you're staying at.

100% Point Bonus

Expedia Silver members will earn 1 additional point per CA$1 spent when booking eligible stays, car rentals, activities, and packages through Expedia. This comes out to a total of 2 points per CA$1 spent.

Expedited Customer Service

Expedia Silver members will receive 24/7 expedited customer service via the Silver member number.

Expedia Gold Status

Expedia Gold Status is the highest tier in the Expedia Rewards program and is earned after you collect 25 Trip Elements.

Once you obtain Gold Status, you'll enjoy the benefits of all lower status levels along with the following additional benefits:

200% Bonus Points

Expedia Gold members will earn points at the highest rate of 3 points per CA$1 spent on eligible stays, car rentals, activities, and packages through Expedia.

Room Upgrades

Expedia Gold members will receive complimentary room upgrades at VIP Access hotels when available. This can be an upgrade in room category to one of greater value or quality, to a preferred floor, or to a preferred location on a floor, such as away from the elevators or ice machine.

Expedited Customer Service

Similar to Silver members, Expedia Gold members will receive 24/7 expedited customer service via the Gold member number.