Comerica Rewards Points Calculators

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Comerica Rewards Point calculators for calculating how many points you can earn with Comerica credit cards based on how much you spend.

Comerica is an American bank headquartered out of Dallas, Texas, United States. They offer retail banking services in Texas, Michigan, Arizona, California, and Flordia which consists of cash back and rewards points credit cards.

Comerica Points Value 1 cent
Can Comerica Rewards Points Be Transferred To Partners? No.
Redemption Options Cash back, merchandise, gift cards, and travel

Comerica Rewards Credit Card Point Calculators

Input your monthly or yearly spend amounts in our Comerica Rewards Points Calculators to find out how many points you can earn. Plus, compare the results side by side any two credit cards featured on the site.

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What are Comerica Rewards points?

Comerica Rewards points is the rewards currency of the Comerica Rewards program. They can be earned spending with select Comerica credit cards and redeemed for rewards.

How much are Comerica Rewards points worth?

Comerica Rewards points are worth 1 cent each.

What can Comerica Rewards points be used for?

Comerica Rewards points can be used for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and cash back.

How do you earn Comerica Rewards points?

You can earn points running spend through select Comerica Rewards credit cards.