Choice Points Value

Redemption Options & Cash Value Calculator

Get the details on redeeming your Choice Points for free nights and how you can get the max value. Also covers gift cards, vacation rentals, and more.

Choice Privileges Points can be redeemed for free nights which will give you an average value of around 0.6 cents each. Points can also be redeemed for vacation rental properties, gift cards, cruises, and magazines.

Choice Points Value Calculator

The Choice Points Value Calculator will calculate the average cash value of your Choice Privileges Points based on the redemption options listed. These averages are based on The Point Calculator's point and mile valuations.

Choice Points Value Calculator
Enter any amount of Choice Points to see the average cash value for each redemption.
Choice Points
Choice Award Stays (Research)
0.7 to 1+ Cent
$0 - $0+
Choice Award Stays (Avg)
0.6 Cents
Vacation Rentals by Choice Hotels
0.4 Cents
$50 Gift Cards
16,000 Points (~0.31 Cents)
$500 Cruise Certificate
160,000 Points (~0.31 Cents)
$250 Cruise Certificate
85,000 Points (~0.29 Cents)

Redeem Choice Points For Free Nights

The best value from redeeming your Choice Privileges Points will come from using them for free nights. This gives you around an average value of 0.6 cents per point.

choice book reward points
Select 'Reward Points' to get the cost in points for your hotel search.

Looking at the closest 10 Choice Hotels in my area, I was able to find redemptions for as low as 0.4 cents per point and as high as 1.2 cents per point. The average of the 10 hotels was just shy of 0.8 cents per point.

quality inn south obetz cash price quality inn south obetz point price
After taxes, this stay will cost $123.34 meaning you will get a value of 1.23 cents per point out of this 10,000-point per night hotel.

Getting The Best Value

When it comes to great value, the hotels that cost less than 16,000 Choice Points per night are the easiest to spot in terms of value. Any hotel that costs 16,000 points or less that has a cash price of more than $100 after taxes will give you a value of 0.6 cents or higher. For example, the first hotel that came up on a search for Miami, Florida offered superb value.

choice hotel miami rodeway inn cash choice hotel miami rodeway inn points
This is redemption will be more than 1.1 cents in value.

Before taxes and fees are even factored in, I can see that this hotel will offer more than 1.1 cent per point. Going through the motions of booking the hotel, the final cost comes out to be $152.96 once the $19 in taxes/fees are factored in.

choice hotel miami rodeway inn cash
The final cost of this Miami hotel is $152.96.

This means booking this hotel will give you a Choice Point value of 1.27 cents each which is more than double the average value I peg these points at.

Just out of curiosity (and for science), I calculated the average cash value of the next 10 Miami hotels. I found the lowest redemption to be 0.46 cents per point and the best redemption to be 0.89 cents per point. The average cash value of the 10 hotels came out to be 0.75 cents per point which is great.

Choice Points Value Calculator For Stays

Finding great value for your Choice Points is not hard to do, but it will take a little bit of back-in-forth work in terms of calculating the value. You can use the Choice Points Value Calculator below to calculate the value of your points based on the cost in cash and cost in points. Be sure to note that the price listed on the search price does not include taxes. You'll either want to click through to the reservation to see the final price or add on about 12%-17% in taxes (depends on where you live).

Choice Points Value Calculator
Choice Points Value On Stays
For Hotel Stays (USD)
Total Cost Of Hotel In Points
This is the cost of the entire stay in points.
Number of Days
How many days will you stay at this property?
No. of Days
Total Cost Per Night
Enter the cost of the hotel per night (can be exact or estimate).
Per Night
Estimate Choice Point Value: cent(s)

If you want to calculate multiple point values at the same time, you can use the Points & Miles Cash Value Calculator which can do up to three rates at one time.

Choice Points Value Table

If you don't want to run through calculating everything under the sun, you can get a rough estimate using the table below. It gives you the minimal cost in cash to look for based on the cost of the hotel in points to receive a Choice Points value of 0.6 cents each. So for example, an 8,000-point per night hotel would have to cost at least $48 per night in order to get a value of 0.6 cents out of your points.

Remember that the results will show the cost per night not including taxes. I estimated 12% in taxes, but this will likely be higher (and possibly lower) depending on the state you're staying in.

Choice Hotels Award Stays Redemption Values
Cost In Points
per night
Min. Room Cost
per night
8,000 Choice Points $42-$48+
10,000 Choice Points $53-$60+
12,000 Choice Points $64-$72
14,000 Choice Points $75-$84
16,000 Choice Points $85-$96
20,000 Choice Points $107-$120
25,000 Choice Points $134-$150
30,000 Choice Points $160-$180
35,000 Choice Points $188-$210
40,000 Choice Points $214-$240

Redeem Points For Vacation Rentals

Choice Points can be redeemed for vacation rental properties at an average of about 0.4 cents per point. Vacation Rentals by Choice Hotels allows you to book stays at condos, homes, and more. These type of rentals usually include a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and more to make you feel at home. These type of rentals are good for big groups or for anyone that doesn't want to be confined to a normal hotel room.

Use Choice Points to book vacation rentals at various destinations!

You can also redeem 16,000 Choice Points for a 2-day getaway to a Bluegreen Vacation Resort which is a pretty good deal. Most of these resorts feature perks such as a full kitchen, outside pool & bar, and spacious bedrooms.

You can book a stay with Preferred Hotels & Resorts for anywhere between 25,000 to 55,000 Choice Points per night. These hotels are located all over the globe and allow you to book upper tier hotels in places such as Tokyo, Athens, and Dublin. They also feature a great deal of hotels in the states with locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York City. Point values for these hotels will vary.

Redeem Points For Gift Cards

Choice Points can be redeemed for a wide selection of gift cards. For 16,000 Choice Points you can pick up a $50 gift card for a value of 0.31 cents per Chase Point. Considering you can earn a lot of Choice Points for staying at Choice Hotels, using their co-branded credit card, and shopping with partners, it's relatively easy to build up enough points to redeem gift cards. The table below shows how much spend is required at Choice Hotels to build enough points for a $50 gift card. The return ranges from 3.125% for Choice Members not using the Barclays Choice Privileges Card to a 6.25% return for Choice Diamond Members using the card.

Choice Spend For Gift Cards
Spend Method Spend For a $50 Gift Card Return Per $1 Spent
Choice Members Hotel Stay
10 Points Per $1
$1,600 ($1,067 w/ Barclays Choice) 3.125% (4.68%)
Choice Gold Hotel Stay
11 Points Per $1
$1,455 ($1,000 w/ Barclays Choice) 3.43% (5%)
Choice Platinum Hotel Stay
12.5 Points Per $1
$1,280 ($914 w/ Barclays Choice) 3.9% (5.47%)
Choice Diamond Hotel Stay
10 Points Per $1
$1,067 ($800 w/ Barclays Choice) 4.68% (6.25%)

Choice has a pretty solid selection of gift cards to choice from. These cover several different categories ranging from donations & charities to entertainment and restaurants. Below are the list gift card and donations you can use your Choice Points for. Everything listed below costs 16,000 Choice Points for a $50 gift card except for donations which start at 1,000 points for the listed dollar values.


  • American Red Cross ($5 Donation)
  • Boys and Girls Club ($5 Donation)
  • Operation Homefront ($5 Donation)
  • Polaris Project ($10 Donation)
  • The Steve Harvey Foundation ($10 Donation)


  • AMC Theaters Gift Card
  • Dave and Buster's Gift Card
  • Fandango Gift Card
  • Hulu Gift Card
  • Regal Entertainment Gift Card


  • Bonefish Grill Gift Card
  • Bahama Breeze Gift Card
  • Carrabba's Gift Card
  • Chipotle Gift Card
  • Cracker Barrel Gift Card
  • Cheesecake Factory Gift Card
  • Darden Restaurants Gift Card
  • Denny's Gift Card
  • Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card
  • Fleming's Gift Card
  • Logan's Roadhouse Gift Card
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card
  • Maggiano's Gift Card
  • Olive Garden Gift Card
  • On The Border Gift Card
  • Outback Steakhouse Gift Card
  • Panera Bread Gift Card
  • Red Robin Gift Card
  • Seasons 52 Gift Card
  • Starbucks Coffee Gift Card
  • Texas Roadhouse Gift Card
  • T.G.I. Friday's Gift Card
  • Yard House Gift Card

Gas Station

  • Chevron and Texaco Gift Card
  • ExxonMobil Gift Card
  • Shell Gift Card
  • Sunoco Gift Card
  • Speedway Gift Card


  • Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • American Eagle Outfitters Gift Card
  • Banana Republic Gift Card
  • Bass Pro Shops Gift Card
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers Gift Card
  • Bath and Body Works Gift Card
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
  • Belk Gift Card
  • Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card
  • Cabela's Gift Card
  • CVS/pharmacy Gift Card
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
  • Foot Locker Gift Card
  • Gap Gift Card
  • The Home Depot Gift Card
  • HomeGoods Gift Card
  • JCPenney Gift Card
  • Kohl's Gift Card
  • Lowe's Gift Card
  • Macy's Gift Card
  • Marshalls Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Rack Gift Card
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Staples Gift Card
  • T.J. Maxx Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Walgreens Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Whole Foods Gift Card
  • Gift Card

Redeem Points For Cruises

Choice Points can be redeemed for Cruise Credit for cruises purchased through Choice's portal powered by Cruise411. A cruise credit of $250 can be redeemed for 85,000 Choice Points for a value of 0.29 cents per point and a $500 cruise credit can be redeemed for 160,000 Choice Points for a value of 0.31 cents per point. The $500 credit is at the same pricing point as redeeming $50 gift cards so it's a good alternative if you're looking to save on a cruise.

MSC Cruises

Redeem Points For Magazines

Choice Points can be used to pay for various magazine subscriptions through the Choice website powered by MagsForPoints. Magazines range from 300 to 6,000 Choice Points. Considering magazine subscriptions are relatively cheap, you will get an extremely high value out of points for these redemptions.


There's a handful of ways can redeem your Choice Privilegs Points. The best value comes from redeeming them for free nights, but you can also apply them towards other redeptions for some decent value. If none of the redemptions listed interests you, you can transfer your Choice Points to more than 10 different airline partners and Amtrak.

Choice Points Value FAQ

How much are Choice Points worth?

You will get an average value of around 0.6 cents per point when used for free nights, but it's easy to get as high as 1 cent or more per point.

How many Choice Points do you need for a free night?

A free night at Choice starts at 8,000 points per day.

How many points do you get per stay at Choice hotels?

All members earn 10 points per $1 as a base rate. Additional points can be earned per $1 spent based on elite status and Choice credit card usage.

Do Choice Points expire?

Yes. Choice Points will expire if there is no qualifying activity at least once every 18 months. You can stay active by earning points, redeeming points, and using the Choice Privileges Visa credit card.

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