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Calculator: How Many Choice Points Will You Earn Per Stay?

Want to maximize your Choice Hotel points per stay? Use our calculator to find out how many points you can earn and learn how they are calculated.
By Robert Flowers III - 2024-01-05
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When staying at Choice brand hotels, you can earn anywhere between 10 points and 25 points per $1 spent based on elite status and whether or not you use a Choice Hotels credit card to pay for your stay.

Method Points Earned Per $1 Spent
Base points 10
Elite status 1 - 5
Choice credit cards 10

How Choice base points are calculated

Choice Privileges members will earn 10 points per $1 spent at Choice brand hotels. This is the base amount of points that all members will receive.

The base hotel cost is the value shown in your search results as it shows the per night cost before fees and taxes are added. That is the value you'll multiply by 10 in order to calculate how many points you'll earn per night on your stay.

For example, if your hotel has a base cost of $276 per night, you would earn 2,760 points per night. If the base cost is $104 per night, you would earn a total of 1,040 points per night.

How Choice elite status points are calculated

In addition to earning points at the base rate, Choice Privileges members will also be able to earn a certain percentage of bonus points based on Choice Privileges elite status.

Elite status with Choice is based on the number of nights you spend at Choice hotels during the calendar year. As you spend more nights, you'll move up in status and be rewarded various perks and benefits in which one of the several benefits are bonus points.

Level Bonus Points Earned
Member No Bonus 0
Gold 10% Bonus 1
Platinum 25% Bonus 2.5
Diamond 50% Bonus 5

Bonus points are based on the base earning rate. For example, if you have Choice Privileges Gold status, you will earn a 10% bonus on the base rate which is an additional 1 point per $1 spent for a total of 11 points..

So if the base cost of the hotel was $276 per night, you would earn a total of 3,036 Choice points per night.

How Choice credit card points are calculated

Choice offers two co-branded credit cards that can earn you up to 10 additional points per $1 spent at Choice brand hotels.

Unlike Base points and Elite status points which are added to your account shortly after an eligible stay, credit card points are added to your account at the end of your credit card statement. So all of the points that you earned during the statement are deposited all at once, directly into your Choice Privileges account (assuming your credit card is in good standing).

If you were to use the Choice Privileges Select Mastercard to pay for a hotel that costs $276 per night, you would earn an 2,760 points using the card. Don't forget you'll also earn base points and elite status points on top of that!

Credit Card Points Per $1 Spent
Choice Privileges Select Mastercard 10
Choice Privileges Mastercard 5
Barclays Choice Privileges Mastercard (no longer available) 5
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Choice points earned per stay calculator

Use our calculator to estimate how many Choice Hotel points you can earn per stay based on spend, status, and Choice credit cards.

Choice Hotel Cost
Enter the cost of your Choice stay in U.S. dollars. Remember that you will not earn base points or elite status points on taxes and fees.
Base Cost
Choice Credit Card
The Choice Privileges Visa Card is discontinued, but you can use it in the calculations if you still have it (or for Science). It offers complimentary elite status, so updating this field may change the Choice Privileges Elite Status field.
Choice Hotel Brand
All Choice Hotel brands earn at a base rate of 10 Choice points per US $1 spent, so there's no need to select a specific brand.
Choice Elite Status
If you have elite status, you can select it from the list. This can earn you up to a 50% bonus on the base rate.
Choice Points Earned
This is the estimated amount of Choice Hotel points you would earn.
Choice Hotel Points


How many points do you get per stay at Choice hotels?

Choice Privileges members can earn up to 15 points per $1 spent at Choice brand hotels. That's 10 base points and up to 5 points based on elite status. Those with the Choice credit card can also earn an additional 5 points.

Is signing up for a Choice Privileges account free?

Yes. There is no cost associated with signing up for a Choice Privileges account.

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