Hyatt Points Value

Redemption Options & Cash Value

Details on redeeming Hyatt Points for 1.8 cents and higher in value. Covers free nights, points + cash and using points at MGM, SLH, and Miraval.

Hyatt Points have an average value of 1.8 cents when redeemed for free nights at Hyatt brand hotels. Points can also be redeemed for nights at MGM Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and Miraval Resorts for solid value as well.

Hyatt Points Value Calculator

The Hyatt Points Value Calculator will calculate the average cash value of your Hyatt Points based on the average redemption value of all options in the table.

Hyatt Point Value Calculator
Enter any amount of Hyatt Points to see the cash value for each redemption.
Hyatt Points
Hyatt Properties [Research]
2.2+ cents
Exhale Spa
1.3 - 1.9 cents
$0 - $0
Hyatt Properties [Average]
1.8 cents
Lindblad Expeditions
1.6 cents
Room Charge Credits
1 - 1.53 cents
$0 - $0
Hyatt All-Inclusive
1.3 - 1.5 cents
$0 - $0
MGM Resorts
1.3 - 1.5 cents
$0 - $0
Meeting Credits
1.33 cents
Miraval Resorts [Rough Estimate]
~1 cent
Avis Rental Cars [Rough Estimate]
~1 cent
Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Hyatt Free Night Awards

Hyatt Points have the best value of around 1.8 cents per point when used for award stays at Hyatt brand properties. You can book your standard free night awards using all points or you can book Hyatt Points plus cash if you want to save on points by forking over a little extra cash to go with it.

Standard Hyatt Free Award Nights

Hyatt Points have the best value of around 1.8 cents per point when used for award stays at Hyatt brand properties. You can obtain this value without much effort especially at category 1 and category 2 Hyatt hotels which will cost you 5,000 and 8,000 points per night respectively.

hyatt's in atlanta area
Looking at Hyatt's across various cities, it was easy to find redemptions of 2+ cents in value.

When searching Hyatt Hotels, you can easily divide the average cost per night by the cost in points per night to get an estimate of how much value you'll be getting out of your Hyatt Points. Since the search results does not include taxes and fees, you'll actually get an even higher value than what you calculate.

hyatt award chart
Hyatt Award Chart.

Along with booking standard rooms, you can also book other room types including club rooms, standard suites, and premium suites.

Regency/Grand Club Rooms

You can throw forth some additional Hyatt Points to book a Club room when staying at Regency or Grand Hyatt brand hotels. Club rooms give you access to the lounge which typically includes continental breakfast, evening hors d'oeuvres, and private-entry lounge access with dedicated concierge.

Hyatt Globalist Members receive complimentary Club access to the Hyatt Hotels that have them.

grand hyatt atlanta club access
You'll have to decide on whether the club room is worth the extra points (most times it will be).

Using your points for Club access still gives your Hyatt Points great value.

Standard & Premium Suites

Some Hyatt Hotels allow you to book standard and premium suites using Hyatt Points. Availability for these kind of rooms can be hard to find at some resorts, but they do exist.

Hyatt Points + Cash

Along with booking your stays using all points, you can also book Hyatt stays with a combination of Hyatt Points + Cash. If available, this option is presented after you have selected your hotel.

hyatt points plus cash
You can select Hyatt Points + Cash to use a mixture of points and cash to pay for your stay.

Hyatt Points plus cash bookings can give you just as much value as booking in all points. For example, the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-North hotel gives me three per-night options when booking a King Bed room:

  • 5,000 Points
  • 2,500 Points + $70 Avg/Night
  • $133 Avg/Night

Diving deeper into this booking, the cash portion of the Hyatt Points plus cash option comes out to being $85.79 after taxes and fees are added. The cost of the entire room itself comes out to being $158.51.

hyatt place atlanta airport north

So when booking your stay, you'll get the following Hyatt Point values when using points:

  • Paying All Hyatt Points: 3.1 Cents Per Point
  • Hyatt Points + Cash: 2.9 Cents Per Point

If I were to book this stay, I'd end up getting a great value regardless of whether I booked using all points or booked using a combination of Hyatt Points and cash.

hyatt points plus cash
Hyatt Points + Cash Award Chart

Club Upgrade With Points

You can use a combination of Hyatt Points and cash to pay for an upgrade to a Club room. The cash price will usually be the standard price of the room plus a certain amount of points based on the category of the hotel to upgrade to Club access.

grand hyatt atlanta club access points cash
I can pay 3,000 Points on top of the standard room rate to upgrade to Club access at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta.

This can be a good alternative to paying cash if you want to upgrade using points. Just be sure to note the cash difference between paying cash for the Club access and paying Hyatt Points plus cash. The difference in price comes out to be $50 for the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. Paying 3,000 Hyatt Points for a $50 upgrade gives me a Hyatt Point value of 1.6 cents which is lower than the average. Personally, I would pay the $50 in this instance as I know I can get a lot more value out of 3,000 Hyatt Points.

Suites with Points + Cash

Standard and Premium Suites can also be booked with a mix of Hyatt Points and cash. As with booking suites using all points, availability for these can be a slightly hard to find, but they're out there. Both standard suites and premium suites have their own award charts.

hyatt award chart standard suite
Hyatt Award Chart for Standard Suites.
hyatt award chart premium suite
Hyatt Award Chart for Premium Suites.

Hyatt Ziva & Hyatt Zilara

You can redeem your Hyatt Points at Hyatt's 8 all-inclusive resorts which fall under the Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara brands. The Hyatt Ziva brand consists of resorts for the whole family while Hyatt Zilara is adults only.

All Inclusive Adults Only

  • Hyatt Zilara Cancun
  • Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana
  • Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

All Inclusive All Ages

  • Hyatt Ziva Cancun
  • Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana
  • Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
  • Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta
  • Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

You can book these hotels just like you can normal Hyatt hotels through

hyatt all inclusive resorts
Book award nights starting as low as 20,000 points per night.

While going through the steps of booking stays at these hotels, redemptions they seemed to average out around 1.3-1.5 cents per point, but I did find values that were a lot closer to 1 cent per point as well as a few outliers that were closer to 2 cents each. It really depends on the hotel and what time of year you go as is the case with all bookings.

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall.

All-inclusive resorts can save you a lot of money on food and drinks since it's all covered in the package, so booking these resorts could easily still be worth it in the long run.

MGM Resorts International

You can redeem your Hyatt Points for stays at MGM Resorts International hotels. These hotels appear in the search results as normal when you're booking a hotel via You can use your Hyatt Points at:

  • Bellagio
  • Aria
  • Vdara
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas
  • The Signature At MGM Grand
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Delano
  • Mirage
  • Park MGM
  • New York New York
  • Luxor
  • Excalibur

Do note that all of these hotels are located in Las Vegas, Nevada so you can pull them up by specifically searching the city.

mgm hotel bookings

Booking MGM Resorts with your Hyatt Points will give your Hyatt Points a value of around 1.3 to 1.5 cents each which is similar to booking Hyatt's all-inclusive resorts. It's not the best value, but you're looking at some pretty great hotels with solid nightlife on the Las Vegas Strip.

If you have Hyatt Elite Status, you can status match your Hyatt Tier to your MGM M Life Rewards Tier.

hyatt mgm status match
Match your Hyatt Elite Status to MGM M Life Rewards.

Don't forget that staying at MGM Resorts will earn you credit towards Hyatt elite status and that you'll earn your standard 5 base Hyatt Points and tier bonuses per $1 spent on stays.

Useful Info: You can earn and redeem Wyndham Rewards Points at Caesars Entertainment Hotels.

Miraval Resorts

Hyatt Points can be used to stay at Miraval Resorts & Spas. Miraval is a luxury chain that focuses on your wellbeing, renewing your spirit and making you feel your best. Booking your award nights through Hyatt will include a $175 resort credit per person, gourmet cuisine, freshly prepared snacks and beverages, and complimentary wellness activities, fitness classes, lectures, and more.

miraval resorts photo

The pricing point for stays at Miraval locations depend on how many people are with you and the season you go. When I searched cash prices in August across a few date ranges, I got roughly $400-$600 per night for a single person occupancy and $600-$820 per night for a double (before taxes/fees).

miraval resorts booking two people august

Booking a stay at a Miraval Resort using Hyatt Points will cost you 45,000 Points per night for a single occupancy. You can also dish out 75,000 points for a suite or 105,000 points for a premium suite, still single occupancy. If you want to take someone along, it will cost you 20,000 points per night for the second person.

With the cost of the resort having such a large range and the pricing depending on many factors, it's hard to drop an exact average but I typically came across point value of close to 1 cent per Hyatt Point on average. I'm sure there's opportunity to get slightly more value as well as opportunity to get less, but redemptions here seem to offer less value than all of the previous lodging options. In order to redeem your Hyatt Points for a stay at Miraval, you'll need to call them at (866) 792-3395.

Miraval Points + Cash

Like standard Hyatt hotels, you can book Miraval Resorts using Hyatt Points plus cash. This is a good way to use Hyatt Points to shave down some of the cash cost of the stay. The exact value you'll get out of Hyatt Points + Cash bookings for Miraval depends since you'll need to book these over the phone by calling Miraval.

miraval standard hyatt points miraval suite hyatt points miraval premium suite hyatt points

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

You can use your Hyatt Points to book stays at Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties. You can book your stays at SLH properties using the normal search tool on the home page. SLH properties will show up if you're searching an area that has them and will show you if they have availability. If they don't, you will not see the option to redeem your Hyatt Points.

small luxury hotels tokyo japan hyatt
SLH properties in Tokyo, Japan.

Redeeming your points for SLH hotels will vary. I found redemptions that gave me 1.9 cents in value and redemptions that gave me 0.5 cents in value. I recommend using the Small Luxury Hotels website to see what hotels are available in different areas/regions, and then use Hyatt's website to book them.

Dining, Spa, and Room Charges

You can apply your Hyatt Points to spa and dining charges at Hyatt's around the world regardless of whether or not you're spending the night at a Hyatt. You can also apply your points to in-room movies, parking, transportation, and more when you're staying as a guest.

hyatt hotel charges redemptions

Redeeming your Hyatt Points to cover these type of charges will give your points a minimum value of 1 cent per point for a $10 credit up to 1.53 cents per point for a $1,000 credit. You can use your points during checkout to cover these types of charges.

Meetings & Events

If you plan on having a meeting or event at Hyatt, you can use your Hyatt Points to shave down the cost with a Meeting Credit. Meeting credits will give your Hyatt Points a value of 1.3 cents per point. You can get anywhere from a $200 Meeting Credit for 15,000 Hyatt Points up to a $1,000 Meeting Credit for 75,000 Points.

hyatt meeting credits

Remember that hosting paid meetings/events with Hyatt will earn you Hyatt Points and credit towards Hyatt Elite Status.

FIND Experiences

Hyatt Points can be used to pay for various experiences with Hyatt's FIND Experiences program. Experiences offered by this program features a range of categories such as culinary, fitness, tours, and more.

hyatt find expriences

The value you get of this program will depend on the experience itself. Most of the experiences will have a cash value associated with them, but some are indeed priceless. So you'll have to figure out if an experience is worth your Hyatt Points or not.

When paying cash for experiences via Hyatt's FIND Experience, you'll earn a whopping 10 Hyatt base points per $1 spent making this a great way to push yourself towards Hyatt Elite Status & Hyatt Milestone Rewards.

Lindblad Expeditions

Hyatt Points can be redeemed for expeditions with Lindblad Expeditions. These expeditions take you to various exciting and remote places such as Antarctica, Galápagos, the Arctic, and various (non-freezing) exotic destinations. Booking these expeditions will also give you a $250 USD onboard credit per reservation.

hyatt lindblad baja escape

These expeditions can be anywhere from a couple of days like your typical cruise up to a month or longer. Cash prices for these expeditions hover in the thousands of dollars and some in the tens of thousands of dollars. In terms of redeeming Hyatt Points, you'll looking at redemptions ranging from 170,000 up to 7 million Hyatt Points (yeah you read that right).

hyatt lindblad antarctica south georgia falklands

Redeeming your Hyatt Points for Lindblad Expeditions will give your points a value of 1.6 cents each. If you're looking for ways to build up your Hyatt Points to these type of levels (it will still take awhile), you'll want to consider the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program since you can transfer your earned points directly to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio.

When booking Lindblad Expeditions with cash, you'll earn your standard 5 base points per $1 spent along with any elite tier bonuses. Nights also count towards elite status which is great considering the length of some of their expeditions.

Exhale Spa

Hyatt Points can be redeemed for boutique fitness classes and spa therapies with Exhale. You'll get 1.5 cents per point when redeeming your Hyatt Points for a fitness class. The value you get when redeeming for a 60-minute massage or facial will vary as the prices range depending on the type of massage/facial and your location. The estimate range of value I got was from 1.3 cents to 1.9 cents in value which is not bad at all.

exhale spa hyatt

If you plan on earning or redeeming points with Exhale, I recommend that you link your World of Hyatt and Exhale accounts to make things easier. Remember that you will earn 10 Base Points for every $1 spent at Exhale locations and for Exhale On Demand subscriptions purchased on

Avis Rental Cars

Lastly, you can redeem your Hyatt Points for rentals with Avis. For 6,000 Hyatt Points per day, you can book an intermediate-size car. 6,000 Hyatt Points have an average value of $108. Typically, rentals at Avis will not reach such a high price on a per-day rate unless you're booking during an extreme peak time. Based on rental experience with Avis as well as looking through their website, intermediate vehicles hover around $50-$70 on average so you'll get close to 1 cent in value for this redemption which is pretty low.

Earn Points: Earn Hyatt Points booking through and use Avis World Discount (AWD) number K817700.


There's no shortage in redemptions for lodging when it comes to Hyatt Points since they can be used at Hyatt, SLH of the World, Miraval, and even MGM Resorts. You also have the option to use them on expeditions with Lindblad and on wellness with Exhale.

If none of those redemptions tickle your fancy, you can transfer your Hyatt Points to airline partners to top off your favorite frequent flyer accounts. You don't plan on staying at a Hyatt you can also gift FIND Experiences, points, free nights, room upgrades and more to other World of Hyatt members.

If you're looking to build up your Hyatt Points, consider picking up the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card or picking up one (or more) of Chase's Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards which allows you to transfer your earned points to Hyatt.

Hyatt Points Value FAQ

What's the value of Hyatt Points?

Hyatt Points are worth around 1.8 cents on average for free nights at Hyatt brand hotels. You can also get 1.3-1.5 cents at Hyatt All-Inclusive brands and MGM Resorts.

Can you book nights at Hyatt using points and cash?

Yes, Hyatt has Points + Cash redemptions.

What can you redeem Hyatt Points for?

Hyatt Points can be redeemed for free nights at Hyatt, MGM, Miraval, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. They can be redeemed for a ton of other things such as room charges, rental cars, and expeditions.

What are the best Hyatt redemptions?

There are many Hyatt hotels that offer exceptional value. Any hotel that you're able to get more than 2 cents in value is a great redemption.

How much does it cost for a free night at a Hyatt hotel?

A free night at Hyatt starts at 5,000 points for a Category 1 hotel.

Which category gives your Hyatt Points the best value?

Hyatt Category 1 and Category 2 hotels will usually give you the best bang for your buck. They categories cost 5,000 and 8,000 Hyatt Points respectively.

Can you use Hyatt Points plus Cash to book Club rooms?

Yes. This will typically cost you a handful of Hyatt Points on top of the standard room rate.

Is redeeming points at Hyatt's all-inclusive hotels a good deal?

You'll get an average of 1.3 to 1.5 cents in value redeeming your Hyatt Points at the Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara brands. Since you'll be saving on food, drinks, and more, these redemptions can still be worth it.

Is redeeming points at MGM Resorts Intentional a good deal?

MGM Resorts will give you an average of 1.3 to 1.5 cents in value per Hyatt Point. If you enjoy staying in Las Vegas and want to be close to the Strip in a very nice hotel, the redemption can easily be worth it.

How much is 10,000 Hyatt Points worth?

At an average value of 1.8 cents per point this would be worth $180, but it's easy to get a lot more in value. In terms of free nights, this can get you 2 nights at a Hyatt Category 1 or 1 night at a Hyatt Category 2.

Can you use Hyatt Points at Miraval?

Yes, but it will typically give you a significantly lower redemption value than all other available lodging options.

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