Marriott Points Value Calculator

Marriott Points average out around 0.7 cents each, but you can easily get as high as 1 cent or more at many properties. Details on redemption options.

Marriott Points can be worth as little as 0.2 cents and as high as 1.5 cents or more depending on the redemption. For the most part, the easy value to get is 0.7 cents per point. Marriott Bonvoy Points can be used for free nights, airfare, car rentals, gift cards, and even online shopping. You can also transfer your Marriott Bonvoy Points to 40+ frequent flyer programs which can be useful if you're looking for a free or reduced flight.

Marriott Points Value Calculator

The Marriott Bonvoy Points Value Calculator will calculate the dollar value of your Marriott Points for all available redemptions. The values listed in the calculator are based on the average point-per-cent value you would receive when redeeming your points. You can enter any value of Marriott Bonvoy Points in the field below.

Marriott Points Value Calculator
Enter any amount of Marriott Points to see the cash value for each redemption.
Marriott Points
Marriott Hotels (Research)
0.7 to 1.5+ Cents
$0 - $0+
Marriott Hotels (Average)
~0.7 Cents
Airfare Tickets
~0.4 Cents
Rental Cars
~0.4 Cents
Shopping, Merchandise
~0.24 Cents
All Marriott Gift Cards
2,500 Points for $10 | 0.4 Cents
$10 Gift Card
5,000 Points | 0.2 Cents
$25 Gift Card
10,000 Points | 0.25 Cents
$50 Gift Card
17,500 Points | ~0.28 Cents
$100 Gift Card
30,000 Points | ~0.33 Cents
Transfer To Partners
Most Partners Are 3:1
0 Airline Miles

Redeem Marriott Points For Free Night Awards

The easiest way to get the best value out of your Marriott Bonvoy Points is to redeem them for free nights at Marriott hotels. Redeeming your points for free nights will give you an average value of 0.7 cents per Marriott Bonvoy Points. If you're staying in an area that has a solid amount of Marriott hotels, you can usually get a lot more value with very little research.

resident inn downtown
Marriott makes it easy to find which hotels give you the best value.

How To Get The Best Value

When you search for reward nights on Marriott's website, they will list out all available hotels for the area you specified. Generally, Marriott will show the cost in points and cost in cash side-by-side. The points shown will reflect the total cost in points of the stay and the cash price will list out the average cost per night not including taxes/fees.

hotel LeVeque Autograph Collection
This 2-day stay would cost 80,000 points and an average of 220 per night which is 440+taxes for the entire stay. Bad Redemption Alert!

Since Marriott displays their results like this, you should easily be able to comb through a list of results and point out the ones that will give you a great return. This is done by running the following calculation:

marriott good value equation

So you will take the average cost per night that's listed, multiply that number by the number of nights you're staying, and divide that result by the cost in points for the stay. This will give you a quick estimate of the value you'll get when you redeem your Marriott Bonvoy Points. It will not be an exact amount because you would still need to factor in the taxes/fees that Marriott will charge on the cash rate (and very rarely the award rate). So whatever value you get from this, you can assume you'll get a slightly higher value depending on the taxes/fees. You can always click through to the final value of the hotel (just before booking it) to get the exact value.

marriott true price hotel
Marriott shows $164 USD/Night on the search results, but after taxes the hotel is really $192.70 for the night.

Let's look at hotels in the downtown Columbus, OH area for the weekend of March 13th (2 night stay, Fri-Sun). There's 50 hotels to choose, but that doesn't mean that all 50 hotels are close to downtown. The thing about finding great value is that you'll want to still find a hotel that suits you. I'd rather redeem my points for 0.7 cents each and be close to where I need to be rather than redeem my points for 1 cent each and have to drive 10-20+ minutes to my destination everyday. Keep that in mind.

bad redemptions columbus marriott points

Scrolling through the list, I find many bad redemptions. Such as the Sheraton Columbus which shows a total cost of $320+taxes. Paying 60,000 points for a hotel stay that costs roughly $320 would give you a bad value... even with taxes/fees factored in.

Continuing to scroll through the list, I was able to easily find several redemptions that would give my points a value of 1 cents or more that were within a mile or two of downtown. Since I'm staying two days, I can multiply the Avg./Night price by two and then compare that with the Points/Stay value listed. When looking at the cost in points, you can chop off the last two zeros (aka divide by hundred) and do a quick comparison. Let's look at the Residence Inn Columbus Downtown for the same 2-night stay.

residence inn two night stay
Ignore the last two zeros of the cost in points and compare it to the cash price. If the cash price is close or more, it's a good redemption.

The $209 average night price for two days would give me an estimate cost of $418+taxes/fees for the entire stay. Ignoring the last two zeros of the cost in points, I'll get 400. Since $418 is more than 400, this is a good redemption. Following through with the booking, the hotel actually comes out to be $500.56 with taxes and fees (there were also no $209 room rates).

courtyard columbus

This redemption would give my points a value of 1.25 cents each which is much higher than the average value of 0.7 cents each.

Do note that the lowest category hotels (Cat 1, Cat 2) and highest category hotels (Cat 7, 8) will generally give you the best bang for your point. This is because low category hotels will only require 5,000-7,500 points for a redemption while still generally costing $90 to $120 and high category hotels can sometimes push $600 to $1,000+ per night while costing 70,000-80,000 points per night.

category one hotel
This category 1 hotel always costs 5,000 or 7,500 points per night and gives Marriott Points a value of 2.1 to 3.2 cents each.

Fifth Award Night Free

Another way to get great value out of Marriott Bonvoy Points is by booking 5-night consecutive stays. When you book a 5-night award stay with Marriott, you'll only pay the price of 4 nights. This makes it a lot easier to get great value out of your nights.

marriott fifth night free
You can get the fifth night free when you book five consecutive award nights.

Marriott Resorts & High-End Hotels

Marriott has a good handful of category 8 hotels around the globe. Of the handful, the Maldives is a frequently mentioned destination. Category 8 hotels in the Maldives will run you anywhere between $600 and $1,200+ just for the lowest room type.

marriott maldives prices
The Maldives is a great place to use points as you'll get some solid value.

You're almost guaranteed at least a value of 1 cent per point with these redemptions and using the fifth night free benefit that I previously mentioned would net you an even a greater value.

Marriott Points Value Calculator For Stays

Not a fan of all the mathematics mentioned in the previous section? That's okay. Even if you are, there's calculators listed throughout this site to make these calculations a tad bit easier. The Marriott Points Value Determinator Calculator will help determine if an award price is worth your time. You can enter the cost in points of the entire stay, the number of days you're staying, and the total cost per night. Since Marriott shows all of this on their search results screen (be sure to checkmark 'Use Points'), you'll be able to easily enter values.

Remember that Marriott charges taxes/fees for their hotels. These seem to be around 17.5% for the Columbus area, but can be higher or lower depending on where you're traveling to.

Marriott Points Value Calculator
Marriott Points Value Calculator
For Hotel Stays
Total Cost Of Hotel In Points
This is the cost of the entire stay in points.
Number of Days
How many days will you dwell at this property?
No. of Days
Total Cost Per Night
Enter the cost of the hotel per night (can be exact or estimate).
Per Night
Estimate Marriott Point Value: cent(s)

Marriott Points Award Stays Calculator

If you want an idea of what prices to look for based on the normal award pricing of hotels, this calculator can help. You can enter in any value that you're trying to get out of your Marriott Bonvoy Points and the calculator will output the price per night you're looking for at minimum. If you can find a price thats close or higher of that particular category, then you're in the green and will be looking at a great redemption.

Marriott Award Stays Redemption Values
Enter the Marriott Point Value you're going for. The default value is '0.007'.
Cents Per Point
Points Per Night Room Cost Per Night
The minimum price you want to aim for when booking an award in the specified category.
7,500 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 1
$0 per night
12,500 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 2
$0 per night
17,500 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 3
$0 per night
25,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 4
$0 per night
35,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 5
$0 per night
50,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 6
$0 per night
60,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 7
$0 per night
85,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points
Category 8
$0 per night

Use Marriott Points For Travel Packages

Marriott Bonvoy Points can be redeemed for Hotel+Air packages with several airlines. Based on hotel category, you will pay a certain amount of Marriott Bonvoy Points for 7 nights of hotel accommodations with 55,000 or 100,000 airline miles included. This can give you a pretty solid return on your points, but the value will vary. You can book Hotel+Air packages with the following airlines:

marriott hotel plus air package non-United

Hotel+Air Package w/ United

Marriott Bonvoy members will get the best value when booking the air portion of their travel with United Airlines thanks to the Marriott-United partnership through RewardsPlus. This partnership will give you 10% more United MileagePlus miles when you redeem your Marriott Bonvoy Points for a Hotel+Air package with United.

You'll earn more miles booking your package with United.

It's not the "biggest" bonus, but earning an additional 5,000 or 10,000 United Miles can offer some great value.

Redeem Marriott Points For Gift Cards

The Populr Rewards portal within the Marriott website allows you to cash in your Marriott Bonvoy Points for $10 to $100 denomination gift cards. The best value will be for Marriott and Ritz-Carlton gift cards (0.4 cents), but you'll get more value by just using them to redeem award travel (0.7 cents). All the remaining gift cards will give you between a value of 0.2 cents ($10 gift cards) to 0.33 cents ($100 gift cards) per point. Just remember that these redemption values are cut in half when it comes to redeeming Marriott Bonvoy Points for award travel.

Marriott Gift Cards

  • Marriott eGift Cards
  • Ritz-Carlton eGift Cards

Retail and Apparel Gift Cards

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • American Eagle Outfitters Gift Card
  • AutoZone Gift Card
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • Bath & Body Works Gift Card
  • Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
  • Best Buy Gift Card
  • Bloomingdale's Gift Card
  • Brooks Brothers Gift Card
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop Gift Card
  • buybuyBABY Gift Card
  • Cabela's Gift Card
  • Callaway Gift Card
  • Champs Sports Gift Card
  • The Childerns Place Gift Card
  • CVS/pharmacy Gift Card
  • Dillard's Gift Card
  • EXPRESS Gift Card
  • Foot Locker Gift Card
  • Gap Gift Card
  • Home Depot Gift Card
  • Kohl's Gift Card
  • L.L. Bean Gift Card
  • Lowe's Gift Card
  • Macy's Gift Card
  • Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • PetSmart Gift Card
  • Pottery Barn Gift Card
  • ProAM Gift Card
  • Red Door Spas Gift Card
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Shutterfly Gift Card
  • Spa & Wellness Gift Card Gift Card
  • Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card
  • Staples Gift Card
  • SuperCuts Gift Card
  • T.J. Maxx Gift Card
  • Marshalls Gift Card
  • HomeGoods Gift Card
  • Talbots Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Under Armour Gift Card
  • Williams Sonoma Gift Card
  • Zappos Gift Card

Dining Gift Cards

  • Applebee's Gift Card
  • Big City Chefs Gift Card
  • Blue Apron Gift Card
  • Boston Market Gift Card
  • Brinker International Gift Card
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card
  • Cheesecake Factory Gift Card
  • Craker Barrel Gift Card
  • Darden Restaurants Inc. Gift Card
  • Dave & Buster's Gift Card
  • Fazoli's Gift Card
  • HoneyBaked Ham Gift Card
  • IHOP Gift Card
  • Jack Stack BBQ Gift Card
  • Krispy Kreme Gift Card
  • Landry's Inc. Gift Card
  • Lettuce Entertain You Gift Card
  • Lobster Gram Gift Card
  • Morton's The Steakhouse Gift Card
  • O'Charley's Gift Card
  • Omaha Steaks Gift Card
  • Outback Steakhouse Gift Card
  • P.F. Chang's Gift Card
  • Panera Bread Gift Card
  • Papa John's Gift Card
  • Red Robin Gift Card
  • Ruth's Chris Steak House Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Steak 'n Shake Gift Card
  • Texas Roadhouse Gift Card
  • TGI Fridays Gift Card

Entertainment Gift Cards

  • AMC Theaters Gift Card
  • App Store & iTunes Gift Card
  • GameStop Gift Card
  • Guitar Center Gift Card
  • Regal Entertainment Gift Card
  • Shutterfly Gift Card
  • Topgolf Gift Card
  • Uber Gift Card
  • Universal Studios Gift Card

Marriott Moments

Marriott Bonvoy Points can be used for Marriott Moments to book various activities around the world including classic sites and landmarks, culinary experiences, sports tours, couple retreats/events, and more. The point values for these events will vary and it will be more of a personal preference on whether or not the points are worth the value.

Share Marriott Points

Marriott Bonvoy Points can be shared with other Marriott Bonvoy members. You can transfer between 1,000 and 50,000 points to another member per year. In order to transfer points, you will need to contact member support with Marriott. You cannot transfer points online using the Marriott Bonvoy website.


Marriott Bonvoy Points can have a range of value. If you're determined to get a value of 1 cent or more from your points, it's definitely possible. Remember that you can get a great deal of value out of booking low and high category hotels as well as using the fifth night free benefits on award bookings.

Want to use your Marriott Bonvoy Points for flights? You can transfer Marriott Bonvoy Points to over 40 different frequent flyer programs and even earn bonus miles for every 60,000 points you transfer. You can use our Ultimate Marriott Bonvoy Points Transfer Calculator to calculate the transfer of points to and from Marriott as well as get the full details on all transfer partners!

Marriott Points Value FAQ

How much are Marriott points worth in dollars?

Marriott Points are worth around 0.7 cents on average meaning 1,000 Marriott Points would be equal to $7.

How many points do you need for a Marriott room?

Free nights at Marriott cost as low as 5,000 points for off-peak Category 1 hotels and go as high as 100,000 points for a peak Category 8 hotel.

How many Marriott Points do you earn per night?

Bonvoy members earn 10 base points per $1 spent. Those with elite status can earn 10%-75% bonus points on top of that.

Do you earn Marriott Points when you use points to pay for your stay?

No. You will not earn Marriott Points on award night bookings.

How much are 100k Marriott Points worth?

Depends on the redemption. It can be worth as little as $200 and as much as $2,000 or more.

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