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Red Roof RediRewards Points Value Calculator

Easily convert Red Roof points to dollars when redeemed for free nights and more using our Red Roof RediRewards Points Value Calculator.
Page Created: 08-26-2023

How much are Red Roof RediRewards points? The answer: 1 cent per point towards award nights at Red Roof brand hotels. This means that 10,000 RediRewards points is worth about $100 in value.

Here's our full valuations for RediRewards points:

Redemption options Redemption value in cents
Award nights 1
RediSave redemptions 0.7
Gift cards 0.38
Merchandise 0.15 - 0.27

Redeeming points for free nights: 1 cent per point.

Redeeming Red Roof Points for free nights will give you the best average value of 1 cent per point. The amount of points a free night cost will depend on the brand.

Brand Points needed for free night
HomeTowne Studios 7,000 Points
Red Roof Inn 8,000 Points
Red Roof PLUS+ 8,000 Points
The Red Collection 14,000 Points

It's not hard to find hotels that will give your points 1 cent or more in value. For example, here's a search I did for stays during the summer in Columbus, Ohio.

All of these hotels would give your points between 0.99 and 1.6 cents per point which is fantastic for RediRewards points.

The only exception to finding decent to high value is with The Red Collection. Since you'll need a whopping 14,000 points for a free night redemption, hotels would need to cost at least $140 per night for 1 cents in value.

The only location I was able to easily find value of 1 cent or more for this brand was their Times Square location since the prices are a lot more expensive than your standard Red Roof Inn hotel.

Redeeming points through RediSave: 0.7 cents per point.

RediSave allows you to redeem your RediRewards points for a 30% discount at any Red Roof location. The amount of points it costs to receive the discounts will depend on the brand just like the RediPoints free night awards.

Brand Points needed for 30% off
HomeTowne Studios 3,500 Points
Red Roof Inn 4,000 Points
Red Roof PLUS+ 4,000 Points
The Red Collection 7,000 Points

Redeeming your RediRewards Points with the RediSave discount will give your points an average value of around 0.7 cents each. In order to get 1 cent in value using RediSave you would need to find the most expensive per-night prices with each brand.

While you will get a lower value for this redemption due to Red Roof hotels being relatively cheap, you will still be able to earn points on the remaining balance.

That makes the RediSave program a great choice if you don't have enough points for a full free night, but want to still get a discount on your hotel booking.

Redeeming points in RediShop portal: 0.15 cents to 0.27 cents per point.

You can redeem RediRewards points for merchandise, gift cards, and more through the RediShop.

Gift Cards purchased through the RediShop will give your RediRewards Points a value of 0.38 cents each. These gift cards can be purchased in increments of $25 which will cost you 6,500 points.

Merchandise, electronics, and other items purchased through the RediShop will vary in value. Most of the redemptions I found gave a value of 0.15 to 0.27 cents per point.

Convert Red Roof points to dollars

Use the Red Roof Points Value Calculator to determine the average cash value of RediRewards points when used for free nights, gift cards, and more. This will give you an idea of how much your points are worth on average.

Enter any amount of Red Roof Points to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Award nights $0
RediSave redemptions $0
Gift cards $0
Merchandise $0 - $0


What is the value of RediRewards points?

Based on our valuations, RediRewards points are worth 1 cent each on average when redeemed for free nights at Red Roof brand hotels.

How many Red Roof RediRewards points do you need for a free night?

The cost of free night awards at Red Roof are based on the brand. HomeTowne Studios will cost you 7,000 points per night, Red Roof Inn and Red Roof PLUS+ will cost you 8,000 points per night, and The Red Collection will cost you 14,000 points per night.

What is RediSave?

RediSave allows you to redeem Red Roof RediRewards points for a 30% discount at any Red Roof location.

What is RediShop?

RediShop is a portal that allows you to redeem Red Roof RediRewards points for gift cards, merchandise, electronics and more.

What is RediAccess?

RediAccess is a portal that provides discounts across thousands of businesses. It's very useful for saving money on travel, entertainment, and much more.

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