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GameStop Points Calculator: Points Earned Per Dollar

Effortlessly determine the GameStop points you can accumulate for each dollar spent using our convenient online calculator.
Page Created: 02-02-2024

How are GameStop points calculated?

GameStop Pro Membership holders will be able to earn GameStop Rewards points on purchases made in-store and online with GameStop. For every dollar spent, members will earn 20 GameStop Rewards points.

So for example, a $70 purchase would earn you 1,400 GameStop Rewards points. With points being worth $0.001 each, this would be $1.40 in value which is a 2% return on your spending.

Calculator: How many points will you earn

Use our GameStop points per dollar calculator to find out how many points you can earn when making purchases in-store and online at GameStop.

GameStop Points Per Dollar Calculator

Enter how much you plan on spending at GameStop to see how many points you can earn and the value of those points.
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How do you earn GameStop Rewards points?

In order to earn GameStop Rewards points, you must be a GameStop Pro member.

How many Gamestop points do you earn per dollar spent?

Every $1 in eligible spend in-store and online with Gamestop will earn you 20 GameStop Rewards points.

How much are 20 GameStop Rewards points worth?

20 GameStop Rewards points are equal to 2 cents ($0.02). This means eligible purchases in-store and online with GameStop will earn you a 2% return which is pretty solid.