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GameStop Rewards Points: How To Earn & Dollar Value

Store & Retail Rewards
Don't miss out on the benefits of GameStop Rewards Points! From earning points to redeeming them for discounts, this guide has you covered.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-04-04

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer based out of Grapevine, Texas with over 5,000 locations across 12 countries.

Their rewards program is called PowerUp Rewards which offers GameStop Rewards Points when shopping in-store or online. Earned points can then be redeemed for certificates good towards GameStop purchases, donations, or for a Pro membership.

How to Earn GameStop Points

As a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member, you'll earn GameStop Rewards Points per $1 spent in-store and online with GameStop. The amount of points you earn will depend on the type of membership you sign up for.

The table below shows the breakdown of earnings.

Membership Level Points Earned Per $1 Spent Cost
Player 10 Points Free
Pro 20 Points $14.99 - $19.99

PowerUp Rewards Pro

The PowerUp Rewards Pro membership comes with a handful of additional benefits over the free version. Those benefits are:

  • Welcome Certificate
    • $5 certificate that you'll receive when you sign up.
  • Monthly Reward Certificate
    • $5 certificate you'll receive monthly for a total value of $60.
  • Extra Trade Credit On Games, Accessories, & Tech
  • Pro-only Access To Exclusive Offers & Events
  • Game Informer Subscription

The cost of PowerUp Rewards Pro will depend on the type of Game Informer subscription you want. Digital access to all issues will cost you $14.99 annually while physical issues will cost you $19.99 annually.

If you're interested in a Game Informer subscription or you spend a great deal of money in-store or online with GameStop, signing up for Pro version could easily be worth it.

If you shop at GameStop enough to use at least 3-4 of the monthly reward certificates, the membership will pay for itself. Plus, you'll be earning double the points on the purchases you make with GameStop.

gamestop benefits

Calculate Points Earned

Use the GameStop Rewards Points Calculator to calculate how many points you can earn per dollar spent at GameStop for free and Pro membership.

Enter any amount of spend to see how many points you can earn spending at GameStop.
Points earned as a PowerUp Player Member 0 Points Worth $0
Points earned as a PowerUp Pro Member 0 Points Worth $0

Other Ways To Earn Points

GameStop offers several other ways that you can earn rewards points. This includes:

  • Making trades at GameStop
  • Checking-in at stores through the GameStop app
  • Completing your online profile
  • Participating in surveys

For trade-ins, GameStop accepts current-gen games, hardware/consoles, controllers, headsets, and phones. Trade-in for these items will usually be in-store credit.

You can use the GameStop app to see the up-to-the-minute trade value for items that they accept.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card

GameStop offers one credit card through Comenity Bank called the PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. It offers a small handful of benefits which includes:

  • 250-point Pro enrollment/upgrade/renewal bonus
  • Two Epic Reward Giveaway entries per purchase or trade
  • Buy 2, Get 1 free welcome certificate on pre-owned games + accessories in your online account after activation
  • 10% point bonus on all purchases
  • 10% bonus trade-in credit
  • 10% off pre-owned games and accessories
  • 10% off new Strategy Guides
  • One year of Game Informer magazine
  • Exclusive cardmember offers

The perks of the card mostly grants you additional savings and discounts on top of what you would already earn from being a GameStop PowerUp Pro member.

If you shop at GameStop often and these perks sound like they would save you a great deal of money, it could be worth picking up the card.

The PowerUp Rewards Credit Card has a $0 annual fee, but it has an outstanding interest rate so I highly recommend paying off your card in full every month if you do plan on picking up the card.

Redeeming GameStop Rewards Points

GameStop Rewards Points are worth 0.1 cents each for all redemptions. You can redeem them towards:

  • Rewards Certificates
  • Donations towards Extra Life
  • Donations towards Make-A-Wish
  • Pro Membership

All redemption options can be found in the GameStop Rewards Center. If you have enough points, you'll be able to select a redemption option and use your earned rewards.

If you choose a reward certificate, it'll be attached to your GameStop PowerUp Rewards account for you to use at check-out.

GameStop Rewards Certificates

Redeeming your GameStop Rewards Points towards rewards certificates will give your points a value of 0.1 cents each. Redemptions start at 5,000 points for a $5 rewards certificate.

The table below lists the increments in which you can redeem your points for certificates.

Points Redeemed Certificate Value
5,000 Points $5
10,000 Points $10
15,000 Points $15
25,000 Points $25
50,000 Points $50

One important thing to note about certificates is that you cannot use two certificates of the same denomination in the same transaction. For example, if you have two $10 Rewards Certificates, you would not be able to use them in the same transaction.

You can only use certificates with different denominations such as a $5 certificate and a $10 certificate.

gamestop certificates


GameStop Rewards Points can be redeemed towards donations for Make-A-Wish and Extra Life for a value of 0.1 cents per point. Redemptions start at 1,000 GameStop Rewards Points.

If your points are about to expire or you don't plan on using them, I recommend donating them. It's a great way to empty your account while donating to a great cause.

Pro Membership

GameStop Rewards Points can be redeemed towards a PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership subscription (digital Game Informer). This will give your points the same value of 0.1 cents as all other redemptions.

GameStop Points Expiration

GameStop Rewards Points are valid for one year from the date of posting to your account. Every time a qualifying purchase or trade in is made to your account, the expiration date of your accumulated points is extended for 12 months from the date of that qualifying purchase.

Failure to keep an active account will result in all accumulated points to be forfeited.

Convert GameStop Points To Dollars

Use the GameStop Points Value Calculator below to calculate the average cash value of your GameStop Rewards Points.

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
All Redemptions $0


How does GameStop points work?

You'll earn 10 points per $1 spent as a PowerUp Rewards member or 20 points per $1 spent as a PowerUp Rewards Pro member. Earned points can then be put towards certificates that can be used in-store or online with GameStop.

Do GameStop Rewards Points expire?

GameStop Rewards Points are good for 12 months from the date they are earned. Making an eligible purchases or trade-in will reset the timer on all accmulated points.

What are GameStop Points used for?

GameStop Rewards Points can be used towards Reward Certificates, donations to charity, or PowerUp Pro membership.

Can you use GameStop Points to buy games?

Yes. Once you redeem your GameStop PowerUp Rewards Points towards reward certificates, you'll be able to apply those certificates at checkout for games, merchandise, and much more.