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Sam's Cash Rewards Calculators

Calculate Sam's cash per $1 spent, credit card earnings, membership value, and more using our Sam's Cash Rewards Calculators.
Promotions & Deals
Online Shopping
Earn 3% cash back shopping online with U.S. retailers, on up to $6,000 per year. Terms Apply.
Earn Money Shopping Online
Earn cash back on top of the rewards you would normally earn shopping online through Rakuten Rewards. Sign up for free today and earn $30! Terms Apply.
Credit Card Calculators

Sam's Club offers one credit card that earns Sam's Cash. This card is extremely beneficial for those with Sam's Plus Membership as you'll earn a total of 5% back spending at Sam's Club. Non-Plus members will not benefit as much with the card, but it can still be a decent option.

Sam's Club Mastercard Calculator

Calculate total Sam's Cash and the cash value of the Sam’s Club® Mastercard® based on your spend, the value of card benefits, and any fees.

Credit Card Value Calculator