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Calculator: myWalgreens Mastercard

Card Value & Walgreens Cash Calculator
myWalgreens Mastercard

Earning Rates

  • Earn 10% rewards on Walgreens branded products.
  • Earn 5% rewards on all other brands at Walgreens and on eligible Walgreens Pharmacy purchases.
  • Earn 3% rewards on grocery and health & wellness purchases outside of Walgreens.
  • Earn 1% rewards on other purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Our Take

If you frequently buy Walgreens brand products or just generally shop at Walgreens often, picking up this card will be a no-brainer. Just be sure to pay it off every statement to avoid the high interest rates.

Walgreens Cash Calculator

Use our Walgreens Mastercard calculator to estimate total Walgreens Cash and card value based on the monthly and yearly spend amounts you input. Compare up to 2 credit cards side-by-side.

The spend amounts you enter into the primary (first) column of this calculator will carry over to all credit card calculators on the site. This allows you to view other cards on the site without re-entering information when jumping from page to page.

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