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Calculate The Cash Value of Points and Miles

Rewards Value Calculator
Calculate the estimated cash value of points and miles based on The Point Calculator's valuations or based on the cost of the redemption itself.
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The value of points and miles can vary depending on the program and how they are redeemed. Some rewards can be redeemed for a fraction of a cent for one redemption and be worth several cents for another. There's also rewards that have a set value no matter how you redeem them.

This page will give you an idea of how much points and miles are worth on average in different programs and give you a way to calculate the average value based on our valuations or exact value based on the cost of the redemption.

Points & Miles Valuations

The Point Calculator calculates the average value of points and miles by taking the average of a collection of values received for basic redemptions. The values are typically going to be tied to the most common redemption for any given rewards program.

For example, the average value you see listed for airline frequent flyer programs is the average value calculated when redeeming for airfare.

Do note that these values are meant to give you an idea of the value of rewards. You may be able to redeem some rewards for double the value I have listed or maybe you always get half the value because you redeem them in a different manner.

These valuations are based on straightforward, easy redemptions that can be obtained without point transfers.

If you want to learn about points that can have significant value when transferred, you'll want to check out these rewards programs:

Where available, you can click on a program to learn more about earning, redeeming, and transferring rewards with that program. If you want to calculate the average value of your points based on the values in the table below, you can jump down to the Points To Dollars Calculator.

Points To Dollars Calculator

Use the Points To Dollars Calculator to determine the estimated cash value of points and miles based on how much The Point Calculator values them.

Remember that it's easily possible that you could value any of these rewards at a higher or lower value than what's listed. Also note that while this site does cover many programs, it's a chance that the program you're looking for may not be in the list.

Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator

Use the Points and Miles Cash Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of your rewards based on the cost in rewards and the cost in cash. This will give you an idea of how much your rewards are worth on average.

Cost of Redemption In Cash
Enter how much the redemption would cost you if you paid cash.
Cost of Redemption In Points/Miles
Enter how much the redemption would cost you in points or miles along with any taxes, fees, or additional cash cost you would have to pay.
Cost In Rewards
Redemption Value
This is how much your points or miles would be worth based on the values entered above.
- Cents Per Point/Mile
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