Red Lion Hello Bucks: Cash Value & Redemption Options

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View the list of redemption options and calculate the average value of Hello Bucks.
Last Updated 2023-08-26 By R.Flowers III

How to use Hello Bucks

Hello Bucks earned within the Hello Rewards program are pretty straightforward and easy to use. They are earned in multiples of $10 and are worth valued at face value when redeemed towards bookings made at Red Lion Brand Hotels.

You can apply your earned Hello Bucks at checkout to cover part or all of the reservation cost.

apply hello bucks to reservation

You'll only be able to apply Hello Bucks to reservations made through and through the Hello Rewards mobile app. Hello Bucks applied to your reservation will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.

So if you were to use $50 Hello Bucks on a reservation that cost $47.51, you would consume $48 Hello Bucks. The remaining $2 will be placed back into your account.

If you cancel a reservation that had Hello Bucks applied to it, those Hello Bucks will be added back to your account with the original expiration date.

That's pretty much all there is to using Hello Bucks. Each Hello Buck is worth... a buck!

Hello Bucks value

Use the Hello Bucks Value Calculator to determine the dollar value of your Hello Bucks when redeemed for stays at Red Lion brand hotels. This will give you an idea of how much your Hello Bucks are worth on average.

Enter any amount of Hello Bucks to calculate their dollar value.
Hello Bucks
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Value when redeemed at Red Lion hotels $0
Surprising... right?


What's the value of Hello Bucks?

Hello Bucks are worth face value. So 10 Hello Bucks are worth $10 in value at Red Lion brand hotels.

What can you use Hello Bucks for?

Hello Bucks can be applied to the cost of your Red Lion hotel stay.

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