Calculator: How To Earn Red Lion Hello Bucks

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Get the rundown on how to earn Red Lion Hello Bucks staying at Red Lion brand hotels and spending with partners.
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How To Earn Hello Bucks

All Red Lion Hello Rewards members will earn 10 Hello Bucks for every eligible stay at Red Lion brand hotels regardless of how many days you stay at the hotel. So staying 1 day will earn you 10 Hello Bucks and staying 7 days will earn you the same 10 Hello Bucks.

Hello Bucks earned for a stay at a Red Lion Hotel brand will be deposited into your account after check-out, but you'll usually have to wait up to 10 days before you're able to redeem them.

Red Lion Hello Bucks

Hello Bucks earned from qualifying stays will be good for six months from the date of issuance, so you do not want to sit on these rewards too long.

Do note that you will only earn Hello Bucks when booking through a participating online travel website, directly with the Hotel, or with RLH. Also note that you can earn Hello Bucks on a reservation in which you applied Hello Bucks to.

Red Lion + Grubhub

Hello Rewards members can earn 10 Hello Bucks ordering food with Grubhub Within the Grubhub app, you can use the promo code HELLOGrubhub at checkout to get 10 Hello Bucks with your order. If you're new to Grubhub, you can use code HELLODELIVERY to also get free delivery with your first order.

In order to participate in these promotion offers, the email address you have on file with your Hello Rewards account must match the email address you have on file with Grubhub You can earn up to 10 Hello Bucks per user, per month on Grubhub orders of $10 or more.

Hello Rewards Grubhub
Earn 10 Hello Bucks per month on Grubhub orders.

Red Lion Hello Rewards benefits

Outside of the ability to earn and burn Hello Bucks with Red Lion brand hotels, you'll get a few additional benefits when you sign up for a Hello Rewards account.

Hello Rewards Member Rate

Hello Rewards members will be able to book Red Lion Hotels at the member rate and reserve a room using the Hello Rewards rate code. There doesn't seem to be any set percentage and this will vary depending on what hotel you book.

Room Upgrades

Hello Rewards members will be given complimentary room upgrades based on availability during check-in. This applies only to the room in which the Member is staying in. Your upgrade is granted for at least one room level category higher than the room reserved.

Exclusive Rewards

As a Hello Rewards member, you will occasionally be emailed various offers. This includes discounts, ways to earn bonus Hello Bucks, and more. This could be beneficial if you plan on staying at Red Lion hotels often.

Mobile/Web Check-In

If you have the Hello Rewards mobile app or access to a computer/phone with internet, you'll be able to do a mobile check-in via your mobile device or online on the day of check-in beginning at 1 A.M. local time.

Hello Bucks Earned Per Stay Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how many Hello Bucks you can earn based on how often you stay at Red Lion brand hotels.

Red Lion Hotel Stays
Input how often you stay at Red Lion brand hotels. Remember that you'll earn 10 Hello Bucks no matter how short or long your stay is.
Hotel Stays
Hello Bucks Earned
This is the estimated amount of Red Lion Hello Bucks you would earn.
$ 0
Hello Bucks


How do you earn Hello Bucks?

Hello Bucks are earned staying at Red Lion brand hotels. You can also earn them spending with Grubhub.

How many Hello Bucks do you earn per stay?

Every stay will earn you 10 Hello Bucks no matter how short or long your stay is.

Does Red Lion offer co-branded credit cards?

No. There are no credit cards that earn Hello Bucks. If you want to earn credit card rewards that you can use towards stays at Red Lion brand hotels, I highly recommend the Capital One Venture Rewards & Spark Rewards program.

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